DarkMatter2525: The Mass Murder Show


Vultures love to play the blame game.

Before I made this video, I asked myself if it would be hypocritical to make money off of it. It’s not about a specific incident, and it’s about neither the murderers nor the murdered. This is about the asshole ideologues who use the spectacle of real murder to push their agendas and narratives. That’s why I take zero issue with being compensated for my hard work in mocking them.



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alex frary

Lol. Alex Jones in the middle.

Louis Emery

Those Xylons! what are we do to about them?


Nailed it!


called it! its a fucking alien!!

Eva Miller

This is way too realistic for it to be funny.

Eva Miller

This is way too realistic for it to be funny.

Kendrix Havlik

Sad, unpleasant to admit, but probably true…

Eric Scholz

This video is so great that it cured mr of both AIDS and cancer!

joe bob

Back in ye olden days they would blame violence on books… BOOKS! Because if something is going to drive a man crazy, its a good book.




Those poor sods in Riverwood. They don't even have a wall.

uncutVids d (UncutVideo leaks)

3:33 have you ever heard a white person say that any time recently? There terrified to even bring race up unless its against white people


What an ending


Alienses did 9/11, it's official. Jet Fuel can't melt steel beams!


I was expecting it to be God, and then to watch everyone try to backpeddle and justify it.

Tony Slayer

I KNEW IT!! I TOTALLY KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE AN ALIEN!! I! KNEW! IT! HAHAHAHAHA– brb I'ma go get my certified psychic license. Maybe now I'll just do cold readings for a living.

Matthew Cooley

Great one, DarkMatter2525!  I enjoy the vast majority of your stuff and it's nice to see you change things up a little to deal with other aspects of society.  Keep up the good work, bro.

Jake Thornton

I thought that voice was actually Alex Jones for a second.

Horatio Trismegistus

Where can I leave a comment?


I just love how sad, but true every video you make is, especially this one. In fact every video that you make is like every YouTube comment in a nutshell. :)

Jake Beckman

Someone please make smitten kitten cat food.


We're all assholes, Great message!! 10 out of 10!


the mass shooters are always male in the USA so it was odd for a feminist to be included.  Of course it is going to be a male.


Oo taht was fin. Did all findthemselves under those potraied " CRAZY PEOPLE"? yeah you did find yourelf.
You sad sad primitive lifeform.

Chace Cardiff (SOAP)

One of your best videos to date for reasons of which you know why. Cheers to you! Thank you for your hard work.

Affable Vagrant

Best DarkMatter video yet.