The open-carry gun idiots are running out of fast-food chains to terrorize in guess which… oh, nevermind!


Texas Gunbillies Continue Terrifying The Public, This Time At Sonic Drive In



If they’re trying to promote gun awareness, they’re going about it the wrong way. Open Carry Tarrant County, the gun fanatics whose style is to storm unsuspecting restaurants heavily armed just to prove that they can is at it once again, setting their sights this time on diners at a Sonic.

Images of OCTC members dining at the popular burger joint depict what resembles the place being held hostage by goobers carrying high-powered rifles and other heavy artillery quite inappropriate for the family atmosphere Sonic diners are accustomed to. OCTC is so focused on forwarding their cause that they seem to have no regard for the wants and needs of the public at large. Either they have forgotten, they don’t care, or they get a kick out of making people uneasy.

I am all for the People’s right to bear arms, however, I would not be so inclined to take my kids to a restaurant filled with armed militia. These guys are not doing themselves any favors by showing up at local establishments, unannounced and uninvited, to make people look at their guns. They are supposed to be supporting a cause, but they have managed to alienate themselves from the public, as well as their mother movement, Open Carry Texas, who severed ties with the smaller group for their radical behavior, and Chipotle restaurants, who changed their open-carry policy after OCTC’s antics last week at a Dallas location.

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I don’t feel that the open carry gun people are any worse than all the other gun fanatics that are rampant in America. The US is so fucked up in its view of the 2nd amendment. People die everyday in the states due to gun violence and yet god forbid any type of gun laws are implemented. The millions of people who have massive stockpiles of militia type weaponry is what I find truly frightening and makes me so thankful that I live in Canada.

It’s one of the big reasons I left.