The Reverend Brother: “The Video All Atheists Should See!”… – VIDEO


Here is my video response to TheReverendBrother’s video series ‘The Evil Of Atheism. He is either a POE of exceptional acting skill, or he is a master trained in the art of fallacy. He buries…

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  1. Man, I just really love how you get straight to the heart of the matter.
    You don’t get in their spaghetti-sauce mess of claims. You don’t argue
    their baseless assertions like many atheists do. You get right to, “Sorry,
    but before you can use that assertion for anything, you’ve got to provide
    evidence for it,” then throw it in the garbage since they don’t back up
    those assertions. Evidenceless claims are worthless! So many theists fail
    to have that very basic understanding. But, even worse, so many atheists so
    readily jump into the spaghetti sauce. I know I did that a lot, but
    watching you has helped me in that regard. Your way forces the theist to
    actually think on their claims. And we all know what thinking about
    religion does. It turns you into an atheist!

  2. Also, I like the new text color better. It’s lower contrast, but easier on
    the eyes. For me anyway.

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