DarkMatter2525: The Thing God Doesn’t Know… – VIDEO


Please consider supporting my work through Patreon here: http://www.patreon.com/DarkMatter2525 Mmmmm lust. Could lust be yet another weakness for the concept…



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God doesn’t exist. Prove that he does. (HINT: You can’t)

The Wise Servant

You could say “God knows what these things feel like because He programmed us, in a sense, as if we are computer programs, and He of course know the codes.” Or you could say, as many Christians do, that what we feel are similar to what God feels. We get the same kind of joy from “Snorting a line of coke off a hooker’s ass” as God gets from perhaps communing with other parts of the Godhead. By only giving us the same feelings he has, but for different things, God can say that He does know what those things… Read more »

Praise IAmThatIAm

Omniscience doesn’t=Omnipreconception. Besides, any preconceptions by GOD
would violate His character. Obviously, this video has agenda because only
the Christian faith is attacked.

XPT Crafter

There can’t be a house with people living in it without a designer

Their can’t be a beautiful painting without an artist

jacketsj: the guy with a long name that will wipe you off the earth because I eat children

Not sure if this applies in Latin, but in French there’s a difference
between knowing a fact, and knowing about something. For example, to “know”
someone, to “know” your way around vs to “know” 2+2=4, or to “know” that
god is just a guy putting stones down in an infinite field. (Reference:
http://xkcd.com/505/ )
I don’t know Latin though, so I don’t know if that’s a misconception among
modern-day english speaking Christians or not. (And even if I did know
Latin, I still wouldn’t read the bible.)

free thinker

I’ve been reading the Bible and I’m about halfway through the Old Testament. So far, it hasn’t said anywhere that The Lord is Omniscient or Omnipotent. The Lord has great power without a doubt, and his abilities are far beyond those of humans. However, it hasn’t once been stated that his power is limitless. The number one lesson or “message” from the Old Testament is that The Lord is the only God to be worshiped. Worshiping other gods is foolish. The actions and characteristics of other gods are never mentioned, any and all divine occurrences are through The Lord, his… Read more »

Ichigo Bankai

God is all knowing, he doesnt have to feel it to know he just knows. Gods
vast knowledge can defy our human logic.

Ilija Jorgacevic

Atheists, please, If you except for Christians to get their science
correctly, get your theology correctly. Every question proposed here can be
answered if you only look for them, but the odd thing is, people often keep
asking questions, but totally forget about seeking answers. 

Fullash It

There has to be a God to not believe in it. xD

This makes no sense at all. God does know what lust “feels like” but that
does not mean he feels the actual lust this video tries to portray. Go
ahead and ask God these questions to God +DarkMatter2525 , and see just how
different the answers will be while you regret asking in Hell.

Omar Al-Mogharbel

God exists with scientific proof.

Schwanzel Stock

I feel so hurt right now. I want to know what lust feels like i won’t ever
tho since i am Asexual.


+DarkMatter2525 I’m a former Calvinist turned Atheist, and Calvinism has given me a different perspective on omniscience/omnipotence/omniwhatver than most modern Christians have. Most modern Christians believe that free will trumps god’s sovereignty, Calvinists don’t hold that view. When I was a Calvinist, my favorite metaphor explaining the relationship between free-will and god’s omni(everything) was about rain. The question they asked was: Does God cause it to rain, or does water from large bodies of water evaporate and eventually condense into clouds, and precipitate into rain? The answer is “yes” to both. What does that have to do with free-will? In… Read more »

Flutter Shy

“If God knows what lust feels like, he isn’t all good.” So you agree that
lust is bad? Is that what you’re saying? Or is it not?


I have news for you atheists – there is a God. And despite what you may think of Him, He still loves you. He is the great I am of the KJV Bible – the one and only infinite loving God that sent His only Son Jesus Christ to die for a fallen race – you and me. Jehovah – the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is real and His Son Jesus Christ is coming back for His children very soon. Pagan Luciferian Rome has convinced us that God, the Creator has Heaven or Hell set aside for us… Read more »

Juan Macedo

I am christian.. And every time I watch these videos I know the answer to
the question. However… Posting the answer would be useless. Instead I
would be flamed. So I’m going to let you guys be but just let you know…
There is a simple answer to this paradox and any paradox… Good luck you

Chris Young

Guys… HYPOTHETICALLY IF you go along with what the Bible says… God was part human, too (which is difficult to understand, one being having three separate functioning entities). This means He had the same feelings of lust. Of course He was tempted. He knows what these feelings are like because He created you to have these feelings, also. Jesus was some guy who had obviously been attracted to females. So, naturally, he was tempted to “snort a line of coke off a hooker’s” exposed cheeks. He knows how it feels also, because if He knows everything, then He knows exactly… Read more »

Bianca Whatsittoyou

God made everything he knows about your futer past he knows everything he
cans see everything god made the world


So God is gay? Love this video! Bring on the blasphemy! 

micheal Bay

God the Son, Jesus the Christ, was tempted in all like manners as we are. He was God in carnet. He was 100% God and 100% man at the same time. He knows what it feels like to lust, He just never gave into the temptation. and since God is not bound by time He has always had this knowledge. I admit u ask some very good questions, but just because a question is difficult to answer does not make it a paradox. my question is why do you see the need to incessantly attempt to disprove something that you… Read more »

juhabaka peci

I dont care if god isnt all good IF he exists and he knows what it fells
like to **** a nice *** right and t** f*** those big balloons then im all
for god

Trevor Page

God is laughing at this:

1. “lust” is NOT a sin — outside of Catholic dogma
2. JESUS was tempted in ALL ways (YES, all)
3. “Temptation” DOES NOT EQUAL “sin” (“temptation” != “sin”). Stated
differently, it is NOT a sin to be tempted

God does hate SIN, but He LOVES the SINNER!

Fred Dingleberry

Your an idiot. 


pondering the idea that there is a creator is one thing. But believing in
an indoctrinated god is just schizophrenic.

Brenton Pringle

Lol all these people fighting on whether or not God exists when I know
beyond any shadow of a doubt that He does exist. It’s not hard to find the
proof for yourself. Go into a Bible believing Church (I recommend
Apostolic) and you will find out the Truth. If you really wanted the answer
then sitting through a couple services would be well worth it, you would
find your answer. Arguing is a waist of time, let people be happy believing
what they want but pray they find the truth before it’s too late, won’t be
much longer.

Dave Gunn

This probobly doesn’t make sense but here is my question. If you know how
someone else’s lust felt to them then does that count as knowing how it

Caleb Cluff

So is this supposed to disprove God? Its just a paradox! Which wins, an
immovable force or an unstoppable force? OH NO PHYSICS DONT EXIST


This is blasphemy! 

Loyd Avenheart

He probally does know how it feels like he feels what you feels.

Bernardo Porto

He should’ve asked “Why didn’t you already know the question before I asked


Wait, what? The Bible states that God in the form of Jesus was tempted in all things yet did not sin. Knowing what these things feel like is not sin, its acting on them is sin. But wait again, what’s this about God then not being all good. Being good is not a concept independent of God. There is no good or bad without God because he dictates what is good or bad; it is only when we go against what he tells us is when we sin. None can claim morality over God as he executes perfect judgment in… Read more »