The Threat of Creationism, by Isaac Asimov – VIDEO


Asimov wrote this essay in 1981, before the invention of Intelligent Design creationism. I found it interesting that he responded to the same arguments I still see from creationists today. They truly haven’t evolved.


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Rene van der Kaap

If evolution is true why are there still monkeys?
Because there are still stromatolites and cyanobacteria as well.


What really grinds my gears is how young-earth creationists are actually just heretics, who have absolutely no regard for the history of their own religion. The whole literalism thing was just a fad that caught on.


In 1968 The Apollo 8 astronauts were not instructed to read from Genesis but did so on their own accord. Micheal Collins (command module pilot) of Apollo 11 thought it was appropriate and fitting for a xmas reading on Dec 24 (he said as much in his book "carrying the fire"). They were not astronomers although they did take astronomy courses. The flack that was unleashed post flight was that some atheist did not like that gov money was being used to make religious reading from the moon. Rightly so mind you. Since then the astronauts have been instructed to… Read more »

Juan Federico

Religion is immoral. Period.

Michael Jones

To anyone interested in debating creationists, all of their claims have been collected, organized and listed by content and are numbered. It is presented by Talk Origins and is used in graduate programs in several colleges.
It is titled – Index of Creationist Claims List. Enjoy. ; )


We already are falling behind. An increasing number of ppl graduating from our universities with science degrees are foreign students – and a good portion of those foreign students have no intention of staying here after they graduate either. We're fortunate that we still have our higher education system to bring in foreign students who want to learn, although as the prices for that continue to rise, we may reach the point where they're just too expensive for anyone other than rich ppl to attend. And all of this because we refuse to invest in the education of the next… Read more »


0:45 Kenn Hamm not American


Had some flashbacks to '09 listening to this.

Good to hear your voice again.

Dirk Stabins

The world was fashioned by the storm god Marduk from the corpse of the god Tiamat! I insist that our schools start teaching the Enuma Elish, and it's true account of the creation of the world in science class!


oh ffs 50 years , shame , but not the shame of 300

Edmund Geswein

On a separate but somewhat related note, I always find it funny when people who proclaim to be atheists use phrases like "God only knows" and "thank God".

Edmund Geswein

Evolution was and still is guided by the hand of God.


You're back! <3


The only thing that matters in all of this is that we retain and maintain a free and open internet. So long as most people have unfettered access to most other people and their ideas, Creationism and religious fundamentalism of all stripes will continue to lose. And they know it. NEVER, under any conditions, no matter what the cited justification is (including security concerns), support or ignore any legislation that seeks to undermine a free an open internet. Make no mistake: fundamentalists are not happy with a free and open internet. They have and will continue to seek to make… Read more »


Asimov is Awesome-O!


I am so glad that you threw Pence into that mix at about 1:40 ish
My jaw dropped and my blood pressure went up after hearing him talk about evolution.


As a creationist before I started studying the facts from both sides, it seemed to me that there were two groups of scientists: One group that believed in God and accepted theism, and one group which hated God and wanted to find an alternative to God. I think it is important to point out to creationists that the existence of God has nothing to do with it. The vast majority of scientists reject creationism, and many of these evolutionary biologists believe in God.

Caleb Stone

Jews and Germany. Think about it, we are now the unfunniest people on earth, America has Larry David and Sarah Silvermann.
It's even bad enough to power a whole South Park episode.

Stephen Faherty

I just love the reverence shown in the subs. I mean, I suppose referring to Him as He is grammatically correct, but to me it's just hedging your bets!


Asimov read by c0nc0rdance… this is the best!


Sure,m in 1984 Asimov was on point, but it's a bit of low hanging fruit these days isn't it? I mean it's not like the creatards actually cause a threat to anyone in the western world anymore, not even in America which was their last holdout.


Isaac Asimov, “The ‘Threat’ of Creationism,” New York Times Magazine, 14 June 1981;
reprinted from Science and Creationism. Ed. Ashley Montagu. New York: Oxford University Press, 1984, pp. 182-193.

RT @holesinthefoam: The Threat of Creationism, by Isaac … – #Atheism #CreationistIdiots #XtianIdiots…

RT @holesinthefoam: The Threat of Creationism, by Isaac … – #Atheism #CreationistIdiots #XtianIdiots…

The willfully ignorant will not acknowledge this reasoning. Logic, Reason, Critical Thinking and Facts must be aggressively promoted to stop the resurgence of magical thinking.