1. This is complete B.S….there have been no valid studies of this kind done in America. When surveyed, for instance, a great deal more than 4% of people report cheating on spouses (in fact, it’s closer to 50 percent). The rest of these numbers are equally really far off.

  2. It was compiled from … It’s right on the graphic. No one is saying that it was based on any kind of study. Incidentally, the Kinsey study touched on a lot of this stuff, decades ago.

  3. I saw the source…I’m refuting its validity. I don’t have a quarrel with the ideology of the statement, just with the inaccuracy of the numbers. In many cases, they are far too low.

  4. Yes the actual figure may be higher, but this particular graphic is talking about confessions – i.e. the number of people who actually admit to having done a,b or c… so it is accurate. 🙂

  5. I disagree, Robert. The number of people who admit to cheating on spouses is over 50% for men, and 48% for women, according to just the most recent surveys. Also, WAY more than 7% of people admit to marriage trouble, and a whole lot more than 3% admit to masturbation (hell, even the Kinseys got higher numbers than these over 50 years ago). I could address many more of these, but why bother?

  6. That is why I found this so interesting Dan… More people percentage-wise are willing to anonymously admit having sex with an animal than admit their marriage is failing. 😛

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