The Way of the Pasta: Creationists Want EQUAL TIME on Cosmos! – VIDEO





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At last, something on Fox that these right wing fucktards don’t believe.


Ya gotta love these idiots who believe in magic and think that it deserves
equal ground with reality. Short of not hearing the occasional squeak of
flatulence popping out of Janet’s anal sphincter, I would swear that she
is talking out of her ass.


Unreal. What a hilarious thing. 


Haha, excellent as always

Baud Bits

…and why do they never interview witchdoctors when discussing possible
solutions to the AIDS epidemic or Mediums when they are searching for lost

Dave Stewart

Creationists are always good for a laugh. Too bad that’s not all they’re
good for. By the way, I see in an ad at the bottom of your video that
says I can “learn more about life, death and hope” at Hey, I’d
like to learn more about those things; maybe it’s worth a shot!


Yeah, it’s not like the History channel is loaded with religious and
creationist bullshit.

Wait, it is?

Zara Hall

Creation scientists… ROFLMAO

daniel nahum

just curious..what program did you use to produce the video?


Creationists are mentioned in Cosmos. I seem to remember them in segments
about how primitive people invented stories to explain what mystified them
before we slowly started discovering the actual answers. So, creationist
not only were mentioned, they were given precedence. What more do they


Creationists can have equal time on Cosmos as soon as Atheists get equal
time at the pulpit at churches.


I did not watch the whole first program but I kinda agree with part of the
criticism. Personally I would like less “ohh and ahhh” and more about why
we think things are the way we think they are. Maybe later in the series
they get to this but the way it was presented was more like a fable and not
like science. But maybe that’s just me being old and grumpy.


So, do flat earthers, geocentrists, alchemists, astrologists, and any other
pseudo-scientific, unsupported nonsense get equal time with actually
evidenced, tested, falsifiable sciences like cosmology, chemistry,
astronomy, etc…? How about each of the *many* creation myths floating
around, do they all get equal time? It’s not like “creation science” can
offer any mechanism to explain theit creation “model”, or any predictions
specific to that “model”, not to mention their lack of experimentaltion and
any kind of utility, so *any* hypothesis of intelligent design of life, the
universe and everything is as viable and “scientific” as any other…as in:
“Not at all”.


Equal time on Cosmos? We want equal time in churches.


Equal time ? That is a great idea. All Churches must give equal time to
Atheist speakers. Fair is Fair.

Black Wolf

Always with the canard that there’s a considerable number of credible scientists who dispute evolution. There are a few handful of people who got a PhD at some point in their life. A fraction of those got their PhD from an accredited institute. And none of those are actively working and publishing credible biology papers in any accredited journal. Not because there’s this mythical conspiracy against them, but because their work simply doesn’t meet minimal scientific quality standards. And then they have the audacity to demand much more than this standard from real science to satisfy their liducrous demands for… Read more »


Tyson is a Very good public educator.

The arrogance and self importance of these creationist bull shiters is
quite remarkable. So, I suppose we should be demanding “equal time” at
their fucking churches? They actually believe that only they have a right
to speak. No matter how much air space they buy, they still want it all.

They make me think of Wellington and his famous remark about British
soldiers. “Scum of the Earth.” I don’t agree with Wellington but, had he
been talking about professional creationist liars, I could not agree more.


Anyway, did the original Cosmos even give any time to creationists? I do
not think so, so HAHAHAHAhahahahaha..cought hack gag. I think I will now
replace facepalms with ball punches as a sign for stupid.


How about equal time for atheists on the 700 Club with Pat Robertson?


Cosmos seems to be getting a lot of media coverage, which is pretty damn
great. I hope Tyson and co. are given a lot more TV time as a result of
this show.

Ian Atkinson

Creation myths should be on Cosmos?


Yes, the problem with ‘special creation’, as promulgated by creationists,
is the word ‘special’,meaning ‘not scientifically describable or
accessible; oh, and the word ‘creation’, which states the conclusion that
the cosmos was ‘created’ before having established that claim. Apart from
that, it’s pretty good science. 


My question for them is: when are churches going to open up their doors to
people to teach science?

Lance INTJ

Seriously?!?!? These assclowns really need to understand that mythology is
NOT SCIENCE. It’s a completely different category. I bet they don’t want to
demand equal time for Bill Nye during their religious programming. Besides,
I’d say that religion gets more than it’s fair share of airtime…
especially on Sundays.

Obscure Inception

When has the lack of evidence ever put creationists off?

in dubio pro deo

Next up: we’ll ask the AIDS denialists on how to wipe it from the face of
the planet.


Don’t they have enough movies and videos and TV shows of their own?


Creationists Want EQUAL TIME on Cosmos? Sure, they can have that…when
they have equal scientific evidence and predictive model for their
claims…oh, wait,

Corey Denver

Give Cosmos time on their Sunday mass TV shows !


If i saw a creationist on Cosmos i think i would throw the kettle at my TV
so fast the speed would break a few laws of physics.

Lai.S. Ting

Let’s teach their kids that the moon is made of cheese and NASA never
landed there!

Jimbo Jones

Love the point about equal time on AiG, I’ve no time for zealots of any


been waitin’ on this one… Awesome!