The whole damn planet better gear up for the Mueller report…


Special Counsel Robert Mueller could wrap up his investigation into Russian meddling as early as this week, but it’s up to the attorney general to decide how much of it is released. The Hill’s Scott Wong explains how Democrats on Capitol Hill are gearing up for the findings.

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Rick Simpson

You won't hear 10% of what really happened,,,. It will be sealed as top secret and a national security issue,,. They don't want you burning down houses flipping cars over rioting and showing up in Washington DC,. Hahaha,, like you would quit your job,, and sleep on the streets in DC,,. ??? You can't blame the president or the government for being Liars Crooks and thieves,,. It's your fault for not having the right morals,,. !!!


The Democratic Party is a failure of representation! Impeachment is necessary and warranted!

steve Janet

2 years and $ 40 million later the only fact is some trump supporters made cocktails with Russian vodka. at least one added milk making a white Russian .


Don't bother with the impeachment.
Just invalidate the election. Enemy agents aren't valid candidates.

Stoney Curtis

MAGA Domestic Terrorism is on the rise…
Report anyone waving an ISIS flag, or wearing a MAGA 'swastika' hat..
(best to be on the safe side and not wait for them to start killing innocent Americans)..
Make America Safe Again~!

Casey Dman

You morons actually think this report has something on President Trump and not been leaked to CNN yet? LOL AHHHHHHHAAHAHAAA

Andrew Lorenz

NothingBurger for sure! Also, Bill Clinton is a rapist.

Jason Chevez

90% of the report is going to be redacted


russia hoax = worst soap opera ever

B Michael

That eye in the background freaked me out

red drib

Barr's a crook

Mossy horn Hunter

Does anyone else remember Nancy Pelosi in her first role as the preacher in the movie poltergeist 2 ?