Atheism is Unstoppable: The Young Turks Shit The Bed On Chattanooga – VIDEO


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  1. Dylan rooth and Anders Brevivk is the young jerks wild card. when ever you play your islamic terrorist card, they pullout their Dylan Rooth andor Anders Brevivk card

  2. yeah there are less radical islamic shooters than white shooters because islamic terrorist like to fly planes into buildings killing 3000 people.

  3. Watching Cenk is the worst form of self-flagellation…. I must have suffered enough punishment that I could do what I liked for the rest of my life & still be in credit.

    Fuck Cenk!

  4. I think it unfortunate that regressives make poster-boys of mass-shooters in America. There probably is something worth looking at between ideological suicidal mass-murderers and lone ones to see if there is any commonality. In the meantime, let them bring them up every time Islamic maniacs cause mayhem and murder: just remind them that one culture is horrified when it negligently allows one of these individuals to grow up in their midst, while another culture celebrates them and believe that the creator of the universe favours them above all others.

  5. Fuck all the pussyfooting around with "radical Islam"
    I say it's the doctrine of Islam itself, not some radical interpretation of it. The doctrine itself promotes terrorism.

  6. We should have a massive UnSub protest of TYT, sort of what happened to the Fine Bros. It would be heavily reported and help expose them as Muslim apologists.

  7. worried about you AIU,you've been on suicide watch ever since McGregor got his unclipped mick dick handed to him by Diaz……..AND FUCK THE FUCKIN DIAZ BROTHERS!!!!!!!!…….I BURY THOSE COACHAROCHES!!!!!—

  8. The "LIKE" doesn't function here. I don't know if it's my device or something is wrong with the network. But as usual A.i.U or Devon makes dann good Videos , ITS always worth watching.

  9. Working at a Jesuit college for 28 years has made me a devout atheist. It’s from having contact with professors who teach classical mythology and world religions (such as Buddhism and Hinduism) that I understood how Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion is just another set of myths and dubious tall tales with little to no evidence to back them up.

  10. Another FACT : Jesus predicted birth BY a virgin and in the city of Bethlehem Malachi 1:18 / 2:6 !!! Only predicted 400 years before it happened … You atheists are so easy to defeat , but you refuse solid facts …

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