Then people wonder why I call Louisiana one of the stupid states, really? :P




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It’s a modification of the original statement, but nobody would lose money betting on the cluelessness of some Republicans.

Doesn’t this just sum up Americans.. The most powerful country in the world. Just think how dangerous this could be?

They’re both wrong..

Fortunately, there is a portion of our population who is not dumb. Unfortunately, the idiots are out-breeding them. :/

It’s the same the other side of the pond… What’s happened is there hasn’t been a WW for 60 years.. No self inflicted cull by the human race. The detritus is beginning to float to the surface. The gene pool of the genus is becoming contaminated by moronism. I guess you could say that this was self inflicted.




It was president Thomas Jefferson. It was his administration which oversaw the Louisiana Purchase.

Jeff, if it’s any consolation, I grew up in Florida. Which is an even stupider state than Louisiana. Just because you live in a stupid state, doesn’t make you stupid. Lighten up. 😛

There’s a whole lot of stupid going on down there.

Unless you feel you have something you would like to admit to.

Um… no. No false equivalencies allowed here. 😛

Jefferson’s to blame for Louisiana being a stupid state? 😛

I’m trying over here, but the most you might get out of me is three offspring

Who decided to build below water level in the first place?

Get on it Anastasia! 😛