Then people wonder why I call them idiots. Really? :P




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I lost brain cells reading that

When drivel like that pours from a mind I despair for humanity.

Mmmmmmm…religious waffle for breakfast. He uses the word proof quite a bit, yet there is none. Still.

Add that one to “the library of stupid”

My head hurts from the stupid……

Its true fairy’s were boots. Ffs get a grip. Numpty.

“there’s a book”

Thanks. Now I got that song in my head. 😛

Neil degrasse Tyson might have a thing or two to say about that. I also don’t recall the bible having a lot of scientific information in it. It seems like parts of the bible are more appropriate for illusionists like Cris Angel or David Blane than an actual scientist.

Even with good education system, many people have learning problems. And America doesn’t have a good education programs.

Teapot, teapot, teapot…


This person is proof of evolution; being obviously less evolved. And don’t the computers of stupid people also have spellcheck? Seriously.