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Mark Thomas Hargest
Donna L Kay

Kim Davis’ face offends me. Is it my human right to give it a slap?

Jim Howarth

What if she was an atheist and wouldn’t issue marriage licenses for religious people…

Chuck Kelly

Sorry, read what he actually said. He never said that it was a human right to deny the licenses. He said she had a right to her beliefs. He never said she was allowed not to do her job because of them. There’s a big difference.

“Without referring to Kim Davis, the pope said conscientious objection is a right that is part of every human right.” Sylvia Poggioli, NPR

Roger Akers

True colours will always out eventually.

Michael James Steven

Surely meeting with a felon and telling her to continue to break federal law is not only an insult to his hosts but inciting insurrection?

Martyn Meacham

The hypocrites church has nothing to do with the teachings of their ‘savior’. These ‘christians’ have rejected the message of ‘christ’ and replaced it with hatred, bigotry and division.

Ross Jahren

Wow! Two days ago, the Pope did everything but walk on water. There were no doubters on FB. I guess he missed a page of the party line.

Kotinka Kay

He’s wrong on this.

Sean Kelly

Sorry but this report is untrue and has no truth in it.

Anthony Robinson

Same old ignorant crap.

Sher Garren

Same old bullshit–the biggest pedophile group that has avoided prosecution. I was so glad when he finally left America—


Social conservativism is a form of retardation.

Russ Whiteman

He prearranged a meeting with her, keeping the reasons and content secret, then made the above statement specifically about conscientious objection while ducking the question of whether she could justify not doing the job she volunteered for. This really doesn’t leave much room to reach any conclusion but that he supports her actions.

Pretty much par for the course for Francis. He’s far more “PR flack” than “liberal reformer”.

Holes In the Foam

He’s wrong on pretty much everything. Come on… 😛

Holes In the Foam


Holes In the Foam
Kotinka Kay

Well… His stance on capitalism and global warming seems reasonable. But he needs to tackle the paedos and Church finances.

Janis Errickson

the whole papal visit was creepy, people traveling miles to be blessed by this guy, no one else thought that was weird? I don’t care what he says, why doesn’t he start by fixing the pedophilia in his own organization? if he cared for the poor so much why doesn’t he liquidate some assets and help them, snake oil salesman, bullshit, of course no one can say this, we are all supposed to be grateful for his compassion, fuck him, whatever, been waiting awhile to say this, I thought it was a freak show.

Holes In the Foam

Those are easy cards for him to play. Come on, it’s no skin off that wretched organization’s back to say they’re all for fighting climate change. No change in dogma needed. As for his stance against “capitalism “, are you kidding??? Until he changes the way that disgusting criminal network does business, he should just shut the fuck up about lecturing others on capitalism. Stop falling for the PR bullshit please.

George Zoric

So, in a way, the meme wasn’t too far off. Would ‘conscientious objection’ as a ‘human right’ be a legitimate excuse not to grant a licence to an interracial couple on the grounds of how someone might interpret Genesis? Or for a doctor to refuse a specific treatment? We’ve really got to be careful about this sort of thing. It allows hypocrites to hide behind a shield of impunity while also making them look like martyrs, as we’ve seen with Davis. In my mind, the Pope is implicit by hanging with Davis and is no more liberal than his predecessor.… Read more »

Andrew Heenan

maybe the Pope met someone pretending to be an evil bigot, Sean?

Sean Kelly

Or maybe he didn’t. And even if he did what’s the problem with that. Christ spoke to all including sinners.

Holes In the Foam

Are you asking a question Sean? 😛

The problem is that he meeting with her gives her undue “legitimacy”, where none is warranted. And… you may want to do some hard historical research on what your alleged “christ” said or didn’t say. Especially since there is zero (as in ZERO) historical proof that your deity/savior of choice ever even existed.

Sean Kelly

Hahahahaha bless you, I love people like you, total blow holes…I’ll pray for you…the real problem is you think you know it all, why are you so worried if the pope spoke to her or not?? Quite frankly it’s not your business and the fun thing is your never truly know what was said, that must really get under your skin. Stop being a hater it’s not a nice trait.

Holes In the Foam

“Hahahahaha bless you, I love people like you,” People like what? People who find facts, reason and logic to be important in this modern age? 😛 “total blow holes…” Right now, you’re the one being the “blow hole”, in more ways than one. 🙂 “I’ll pray for you…” Yeah, sure you will. 😀 Something tells me you’re just saying that. You know, like most insincere, condescending xtian goobers do. But how about this? How about instead of wasting time “praying” for me or any other non-believer, how about you get off your ass and go do something to help someone… Read more »

Andrew Heenan

Don’t pray for us, Sean, pray for people who need help. Like the victims of catholic bullying and abuse. But even they won’t benefit, as any five year could explain to you.

Sean Kelly

Ha hahahahaha I was right I did get under your skin……pmsl. What a fool…..one last question, what nationality are you???

Sean Kelly

Sorry Andrew, any 5 year what?? Doesn’t make a lot of sense….

Russ Whiteman

I do actually believe that conscientious objection is a valid human right. But that only applies to actions one would otherwise be forced into, like the military draft, or personally obeying an unethical law. If you volunteered for a position, then find out you have moral objections, you don’t get conscientious objector status. You simply quit, while making the reason known, if you wish.

Holes In the Foam

Don’t bother Andrew, let’s not waste our time on clueless idiots. 🙂

Lora Elise Cowan

Fuck the pope

DeDe Johnson

Same ol’ Catholic church! Consistency is everything…