Things I learned in 2014…


1. No matter how “good” a situation is, even a modicum of toxicity can ruin it.

2. If you want to make any real changes in your life, going through a phase of pain is mandatory virtually every time.

3. Ex’s really can become the best friends you may ever have.

4. Living out of a roller duffel for a couple of years can be downright liberating. Even more so than living on a boat!

5. Living out of a roller duffel for a couple of years can make you long for a “home” again.

6. “Home” is more than just a place. It’s the people in that place that make it. Or break it.

7. Crossing over the half-century mark isn’t as terrifying as people make it out to be.

8. I’m more tolerant of cold winters than I thought I was.

9. Calling myself a “writer” feels damn good.

10. Knowing when to say “enough is enough” when debating a narrow-minded ideologue is golden.

11. Be prepared for anything, because you NEVER know what’s going to slam you when you go around a corner.

12. When you do get slammed, and it’s undeniably good, don’t hide or run away from it. No matter what the politics or the ramifications may be. Life is too fucking short.

13. Stereotypes, conventions and social norms don’t mean shit. Really, they don’t.

14. You’re never too old. Ever.

15. When you can rely on your instincts to restart your life when you need to, you will never be a failure.

16. It’s ok to admit to yourself you’ve earned some wisdom, when you have.

17. It’s never too late. Ever.

18. It’s true what they say. Experience is the best fucking teacher.

19. It’s ok to say that you can and will do it even better next year.

20. Health really is pretty much everything.

21. Peace, acceptance, empathy and hope should always trump the bad shit. Always.

22. You really are either part of the problem or the solution. You have to make the choice, and follow through.

23. Looking back at all the crazy shit you’ve survived can be humbling, healing and even satisfying. Do it often.

24. To paraphrase the late, great Christopher Hitchens… Never be just a spectator.

25. To be able to end a crazy, erratic, emotionally-draining, and challenging year with peace, hope, love, and true happiness is really about as good as it gets.

Thanks for being a part of this insane venture that has somehow not only managed to survive, but even slightly prosper yet again this year. Your support, whether or not you disagree with what we babble about on this thing, is always greatly appreciated.

Here’s to a great 2015. Let’s all try to do better.

H/T to Ruevian for the awesome gifs I used on this post.



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