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  1. Did she Really talk about blind faith as if it was an Admirable quality

    ITS NOT… i look down on people who have blind faith in ANYTHING, but more
    particular in any religion….
    you are not gonna get me to respect such a person… Faith is not a
    virtue….. and should not be admired…

  2. Pinkie seems to be quite uneducated about what an atheist really is, and
    her ignorance is also vary jaw dropping for me.

  3. Wow, Pinkie’s ignorance is jaw-dropping!
    Does she really think that ANYONE’S going to buy her claim that she’s an
    Oh, wait… Maybe she doesn’t know what an ‘atheist’ is, & got that word
    confused with the word ‘theist’.
    That would be commensurate with her I.Q.

  4. CAUTION: Incoming strawman.
    It’s a good thing god made Pinky so attractive because he certainly forgot
    to add a brain.

  5. Golden rule may well be an innate instinctual based principle. I prefer
    terming it Projected Symmetry of interaction, or simply a sense of
    fairness. Golden means??

  6. Wait, what happened to the old Fantastic Skeptic channel? This one is a new
    one and has only a few videos.

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