Funny how these loser xtian assholes like using the term “holocaust” so loosely. It’s almost ironic… – VIDEO


This Batsh*t Crazy Facebook Evangelist Seriously Believes Obama Is Conducting Another Holocaust

There are still way, way, too many people who are unaware of Godwin’s Law. Before we dive into the latest thermonuclear meme blast from Facebook evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, let’s recap the law. According to author Mike Godwin:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one.

The corollary to the law is more salient. When Hitler or Nazis are invoked in an online discussion “the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.”

I thought this was a universally accepted rule, but it appears as if unglued freakdogs like Feuerstein who are suffering in the throes of end-stage Obama Derangement Syndrome are forced to go there anyway. In case you’re unaware of Feuerstein, he makes Fox News hosts and AM talk radio screamers sound reasonable and rational. And he’s not just your average Facebook troll. With 1,802,011 likes and counting, Feuerstein has a not insignificant audience of loyalists.

So, when Feuerstein posts a meme like this, it’s done so with a relatively firm knowledge of what his disciples will devour:


Yep. Obama is Hitler and Planned Parenthood is his gas chamber. Godwin wins. Flawless victory. Not to get too deeply into the weeds here because it really isn’t deserving of parsing, but this meme implies that President Obama was working in conjunction with Margaret Sanger back in 1942 when Planned Parenthood officially came into being. It also implies that Obama is forcing women to abort their pregnancies without their consent, even though every single abortion performed since whenever is performed by the choice of the mother.

In case you weren’t completely freaked out by Feuerstein’s meme, there’s really nothing that could possibly top the following. For the entertainment and, I assume, the salvation of his Facebook followers, Feuerstein posted this completely unhinged video back in July. Timecode 1:56 is where it gets really crazy.


In a nutshell (pun intended), Feuerstein instructed his million-plus followers that they should exercise their Second Amendment rights in order to protect their First Amendment right to gay-bash.

What’s obvious about Feuerstein is that he’s capitalizing on a business model on the far-right. The more extreme you are, the more attention you get. Feuerstein is going Full Batshit and it’s working.

And while I’m here, anyone who thinks we should ignore wackaloons like this guy, forcing him to magically vanish in a cloud of vapor, is badly mistaken. How do I know? I was unaware of Feuerstein until today — yet he miraculously has more Facebook likes than MSNBC, Bill O’Reilly, Salon or Addicting Info. If ignoring him and other crackpots makes them disappear, then how did they gain such huge followings without our attention? Ultimately, Feuerstein and others should be relentlessly watchdogged and humiliated, stripping them of whatever credibility they’ve accumulated. The semiautomatic rifle in that video should be evidence enough that he needs to be hit, and hit hard.

Featured image via video screen capture.



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Kooks will be kooks

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