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This Florida Police Sketch Will Be The Most Pathetic Thing You’ll Ever See (IMAGE)

The ability to draw and sketch is very important in the field of law and law enforcement. It’s one that often goes unsung, but is necessary when recording events or perhaps even trying to identify suspects in a crime. However, sometimes court rooms and police departments should really shell out a few extra bucks to hire artists that will actually draw what they are seeing or being told about. It’s probably not a good idea to hire someone that draws like a toddler that just sneezed while sketching.

As most of us can recall, this past summer during Tom Brady’s conundrum with the NFL over footballs that may or may not have been deflated, he appeared in court and had his likeness, or what we can only assume was his likeness sketched for the viewing public.

Well, as awful and weird as that was, at least the sketch looked like that of a human being — a wildly deformed human being.

Making that sketch look like the Mona Lisa, one Florida police department has released a sketch of a suspect that may be a human, but it may also be a fish, or possibly a robot. It’s still up for debate.

In their search for a suspect in the murder of Rabbi Joseph Raksin that occurred in August of 2014, North Miami Beach police released this sketch:

via CBS

As you can see, this may quite possibly be the worst, most pathetic police sketch in the history of the universe. And clearly they have the right guy. I mean… clearly.

via CBS

via CBS

Although, they may be looking for someone from the Robots movie. However, that’s likely been ruled out.

Here’s video of the Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle pretty damn sure she’s got her man in 15-year-old DeAndre Charles as she holds up the sketch:

Not to take the murder of a respected Rabbi lightly, the police should probably do their best not to do so as well. This sketch is not only pathetic, it proves absolutely nothing. If they want to make sure they have their guy, hopefully they have some more solid evidence than just this pathetic drawing. C’mon now.

Featured image: aol/cbs



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No Bill Watterson, but hey, once you see the guy, it looks pretty spot on.