This is really disgusting. On so many levels. Fuck these people… – VIDEO


Caroline Small was at a low point in her life. She suffered from PTSD, Dissociative Disorder, and was struggling with drugs and alcohol. These things should have never been a death sentence, but thanks to two Georgia cops, they were.

An eye-opening investigation by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News was published earlier this month that shines a much-needed light on this case. The report illustrates the tragic events leading up to the killing of Caroline Small and the subsequent special privilege granted to the officers who killed her which would allow them to get off scot-free — and keep their jobs.

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Another American ppolice man shoots an innocent person and nothing happens come on American you really should be putting a stop to Cop Murder by now.

It just gets worse by the day.

It’s really sad .As an outsider looking in (u.k) it looks to me like the cops can do pretty much what ever they want when ever they want and not be worried about getting caught on camera are any other means for that matter. because nothing is going to happen . when they do get caught out there is a lot of coverage and it seems to be a case of wait there will be another along any time now . when they are questioned they just not my fault they were agreesive or they went for a gun exlplain… Read more »