This looks just a little bit fascist to me…


 So a bunch of people are at a Citibank location in Greenwich Village to close their bank accounts in mass protest. Which is great, it’s just the thing I think should be happening on a nationwide basis. The Citibank’s branch management apparently decides that they’re uncomfortable with the situation. So they do what any normal bank would do. They call the police. No one is there to do anything other than close their accounts, let’s keep this in mind. But it goes WAY beyond that.

Watch the video, and you’ll see that Citi’s security locks some two dozen people INSIDE THE BANK while they wait for more police to arrive. Apparently so they can all be arrested. One woman who apparently slipped out before they locked the doors gets MOBBED BY FIVE POLICE OFFICERS and they drag her inside! 

This kind of conduct is beyond outrageous! What did these people do other than show up to a bank branch to conduct business??? This is how Citi and the NYPD react? Is this their new policy regarding customers who wish to cease doing business with them?? If after watching this video, you’re not outraged, then, sorry you’re too far gone.

Spread this video. Like a plague.


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