Ok, ok… the creationist goobers finally published a “paper” in a “journal”, and it’s a doozy…. :)


This May Be the Worst Academic Paper You’ll Ever See… and It Was Published in a Creationist Journal

Suppose you had to write an academic paper and you had no idea what you were talking about. And on top of that, you had to relate everything back to the Bible. What would you do? You’d probably use a lot of big words. And then you’d break out a thesaurus and turn every short sentence into a long meandering paragraph.
In other words, you’d do what Callie Joubert (below) did for his recent paper published in the (Creationist) Answers Research Journal:
Just check out these excerpts from a paper that is so hilarious and verbose and laughable and loquacious and garrulous, it cites Ken Ham as a source when it isn’t repeating itself repeatedly (see what I did there?):

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Are they on drugs?!?!