This story fills me with rage.


Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, and Maren Ueland, 28, from Norway were hacked to death and one beheaded on camera while camping in the Atlas Mountains. On Monday morning, the bodies were found. The footage shows a woman screaming while a man cuts her neck with what appears to be a sharp kitchen knife.

One of the women was decapitated and the other was found dead with a severe neck wound. In the video, a man is heard saying in French: “This is for Syria, here are the heads of your Gods.” Four suspects had links to ISIS and had sworn allegiance to the terrorist group. A video recorded a week before the murders showing all four men pledging their allegiance to so-called ISIS leader, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, has been authenticated by investigators and gives weight to suspicions Ms Jespersen and Ms Ueland were killed in an act of terrorism.



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Atheist Republic

What are some religion related news that need to get more coverage?

Sound Discoveries

I used to be a Christian, but found many things in the bible to be disturbing, However this is about the worst thing I could imagine from a religion. These SAVAGES who worship their fucking pedophile allah need to be taken out and suffer the same fate! Peaceful religion??? These radical cowards need to be taken off of the face of the earth by any means necessary.

Pam Wright

PLEASE understand that I'm not blaming these victims! But..what in HELL were they doing alone in a Muslim country? I've traveled in 8 Muslim countries and, as a woman, would NEVER put myself at risk as these women did. I was told many times, by locals, that women traveling alone are often considered to be whores.

Corey Mondello

Horrible world we live in. I’m LGBTQ, I don’t go anywhere I don’t think I will be somewhat safe, and I live in Boston Massachusetts. I wouldn’t visit another country like Iran or Morocco, I know how they treat LGBTQ and woman. Not to say I blame these poor girls, but please people, learn from their lives!

Robin Smith

Wait…Didn't 45 proclaim IS is defeated? Could it be he is lying? Or didn't know 2 white women were killed??


Fucked up world. The video is horrifying… don't watch it…

Peter Ejner Brix

The disgusting shit is shared on social media, some posted it in Atheist republic (it was removed, as is it most places)

Joshua Velasquez

The religion of peace strikes again!

Katie siobhan

they said it was for Syria yet Norway is not involved in the Syrian war and morocco is lol Norway takes in more muslim refugees than morocco , an eye for an eye if that's what they want then the same should be done on camera to two young Moroccan women that's how muslims minds work give them a taste of their own religion

Morning Star

Those two women were open-border socialist and they posted islam propaganda on their facebook-page … they really deserve the darwin arward

Abderrahim Bachar

Did you see guys were i'm living in ! dont you see that dangerous for me as an atheist !
i feel every day that i'm living in a horror movie especialy after that happend

Eddie Schultz

I haven't watched the video yet, but were both women atheists?

Logic beats Speculation

holy … fuck …

Bobby Bee

Diversity is our strength?