Toad Cruz provides his own comic relief, but let’s watch some Bad Lip Reading done on him anyway… – VIDEO


With the Republican side of this presidential race turning out to be the most horrifically embarrassing thing that has ever happened in the history of the republic, it’s good to enjoy some comic relief from time to time to take your mind off of how awful things really are. With Donald Trump in the lead for GOP nominee and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) not far behind, one has to wonder if the Republican party has gone and lost their ever-loving mind.

To provide some much-needed comic relief is none other than the folks over at Bad Lip Reading. They’ve been putting hilarious words into the mouths of athletes, celebrities and politicians for some time now, and now in what may be their best ‘bad lip reading’ yet, they’ve gone after Captain Smarmy himself, Ted Cruz.

Usually, when watching a BLR it will be mostly gibberish and you will laugh at how closely the words match up to who they are parodying. However, this time around, there’s a full story-line and it is absolutely spot on. From putting the words into Cruz’s mouth, to his wife’s, to his children’s to those he’s met along the campaign trail. Although, in true BLR form, they did give Cruz a new campaign slogan:

“I Need a Bogel for the Glotch.”

Knowing Cruz, though, it might be something he’d actually say to pander to Bogel and Glotch makers. (kidding)

Without further ado, here’s Bad Lip Reading’s “Ted Cruz”:


Featured image: YouTube/photoshop



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