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Don’t tell the USA, they’ll start shipping prisoners overseas.

It’s a shame the prisons aren’t portable. Sweden could make a fortune exporting to the US.

It’s just because of our privatized prison system. The govt pays corporations based on number of inmates. Of course the population has exploded. Non-violent offenses fill the cells and money lines the pockets of the owners.

So send our prisoners to Sweden !

If you didn’t see the report out of PA, a judge there just got sentenced to 30 years for supplying inmates, mostly underage to the juvenile system for, for profit prisons. A great idea, not.

How else should the US deal with its Hispanics and Blacks? Equality under the Law? Come on!…

hell no,we dont want your gangbanger bullshit over here

Sweden could lease their prisons to the usa. In these difficult time sweeden could repay it s dept. After all it wouldnt be a first … Australia

IKEA’s probably working on that right now. 😛

Don’t worry Odd, most of our prisoners are harmless drug offenders. It’ll be ok. 😛

Trapping prisoners in IKEA? I think that’s goes under Cruel and Unusual.

If you can’t do the time… don’t do the crime… 😛

I just wanted my house to be hipster-friendly at a cheap price! OH GOD