Thunderf00t & fans flood The Reason Rally livestream (2016) – VIDEO


Best in 1080 HD. Thunderf00t fans began flooding the Mythicist Milwaukee live stream when the event started. Shortly after Lawrence Krauss began to speak, Thunderf00t appeared in the Reason Rally chat. He and his fans continued to flood and dominate the comments for the rest of the rally. I captured a section and present it here.

A wonderful experience at the Reason Rally, and while the speaker lineup was great, I found myself most engaged with the attendees, who (except for a few hellfire preachers) brought smiles and tremendous goodwill to the day.


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Nathan Drake

"This is what happens when you try to make an identity out of a philosophical position." Actually it was you fuckers who first did that.


Internet vermin.


Cite your sources that proves everyone in that stream was a thunderf00t fan. Im not even subscribed to him and I was there because I saw your banshee laughing comment in Kevin Logan's comments section of his video.

Simon Ashton

If a person is so scared and confused by the world and its sharing of it with others that they feel repressed and in need of an un-repression mechanism then I'm all for benign religion as an un-repression rather than this kind of unrepentant nonesense.

Hubris M

Good job! :)

Steven W

Such rational and mature champions of free speech eh?


"The Bible is a primitive book filled with anti-gay, anti-woman rhetoric and superstition… But only the God part's the problem let's keep all the rest!" – Average Thunderf00t subscriber


don't you regret not inviting him now, reason rally?


Why is the majority of the chat anti-sjw?


they should have invited thunderf00t to speak, just to give his fans a reason to go outside, because a lot of them obviously need it

optiuum 100

Obviously the reason rally would have been a success if these enlightened individuals chose to intend. Such a shame they chose to spend their saturday as they normally do; being a tool on the internet and jacking it to hentai video games.

Garage Autonomist

Well ok. Here is what I see:
Real human beings in a real-life place exchanging ideas and hanging out in the sun talking maybe even debating on some things.
the thunderdr0nes are all in their dark, dusty basements commandeering a chat-room.

I have to say the people at the real-life gathering are the true winners here.


while I don't agree with shit storming people, I take your word with a grain of salt because you're kind of an asshat.

Word Salad

Great idea to capture this live Kristi, holding their feet to the fire. I can't wait for the actual count of who attending since his holiness of the PEARL movement (which doesn't actually exist) says he counted only 2 thousand


Thunderf00t fans are unquestioning cultists who assume everything he presents is presented honestly. Case in point, when he was reading Sarkeesian's thesis, he reads a bit of it and then stops halfway through in order to say "Anita thinks women who are strong are only pretending to be men" rather than representing it correctly as "Often times 'strong' women are only seen as 'strong' in the media because they adopt 'the superior' masculine traits, and we should stop presenting 'feminine' traits as being 'inferior/weak.'"But hey, I'm just a liberal arts major who doesn't practice (what Thunderf00t declares without evidence to… Read more »


Trolls love to hear about their trolling. That's why we don't feed them.


god these people are morons