Tim Hawkins – Atheist Kids’ Songs.. . -VIDEO


Atheist megachurches exist. Do they sing worship songs? And what about children’s church? Brand new from Tim’s concert DVD “That’s the Worst”, available now …

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  1. Tim Hawkins continues to demonstrate why he’s not funny. I have no problem
    with him poking fun at atheists, I can take a good ribbing. The problem is
    that he always has to bring science into it, like denying evolutionary
    theory and mocking it and encouraging his audience to revel in their
    ignorance. Sorry, but evolution is an observed phenomenon. It is one of the
    most highly supported theories in all of science. No, it was not a hoax
    conjured up just to prove the Bible wrong, that just happened to be a side
    effect that many people refuse to accept, so they just deny that evolution
    is real.

    He also did this in his song “The Government Can”, where he makes light of
    climate change. Can you joke about climate change and evolution? Of course!
    But the reason that it isn’t funny when Tim does it is because he isn’t
    just doing a bit, he actually denies these realities and panders to the
    ignorance of his audience for cheap laughs.

  2. Anyone ever wonder why Christianity is one of the most controversial
    subjects in the world? Or why the Christian God is the only God who’s name
    is used as a swear word? Why do atheists get so concerned about it if it’s
    gibberish? I see atheist spending most of their time bashing Christianity,
    for no apparent reason. Why do they get offended? There’s no logical reason
    for atheists to get so angry, upset, or hostile towards Christ, since he
    doesn’t exist in their eyes. You don’t see an anti Santa group trying to
    tell the world he doesn’t exist. Seriously, tell me why you atheists like
    to argue against Christianity all the time. It makes no sense! 

  3. Actually they are not atheist churches. Definition of a church is a place
    of worship. Atheist dont worship anything. At these so called “churches”
    they were singing, having fun, and discussed interesting topics. It more of
    a meetup for freethinkers.

  4. Lol Samuel Larson why are you trolling? Science offers no hard facts as to
    the origin of the universe at all. It’s all theoretical, i.e., just a
    guess. Scientific or not it’s still a guess. You know what proof I have
    that God exists? Jesus was raised from the dead, and there were 500
    eyewitnesses to that! Now I know you’re going to say something like “that’s
    ridiculous and the Bible is just a book” but, let’s take the holocaust for
    example. How far are we removed from that event? Not even 100 years and
    people are already denying that it ever happened. Crazy right? Well friend
    I think it’s crazy too, but, it’s actually happening. Stop looking to
    science and start searching for Jesus. 

  5. If Athiests had a church what songs would they sing? SO FUNNY I DIED!! Tim
    Hawkins hits the nail on the head here, he’s so hilarious, but he addresses
    a serious topic. I’m so glad to be a Christian, I have hope, I can’t
    imagine being an atheist with no hope. The only hope for this world is
    Jesus Christ, please share.

  6. +sodthong Oh wait the nation that saved the world several times, the nation
    that invented more and advanced faster than any nation, oh yes we are so
    dumb. Without the US the rest of the world would still be shooting muskets
    and plowing fields with donkeys. And oh btw Christians don’t just exist in
    the United States, so basically ur calling most of the world is dumb. And
    you athiest have a imaginary idea called evolution and oh yes that
    everything came from nothing, having faith in a supreme being is much more
    logical than athiesm. Atheism is just an excuse not to follow any rules and
    be free to do whatever u want, but hey thats okay we all have to anwer to
    God some day, hopefully you change ur mind on what really makes sense

  7. There is evidence for stories in the Bible, just like there is evidence for
    scientific ideas. Both religion and science have used evidence that has,
    and will later be, disputed by other evidence. Do atheists deny the
    existence of biblical evidence because they don’t believe in God?

    When asked about your beliefs, don’t just say “science”. Saying this
    implies that you believe all science agrees on everything and every bit of
    it destroys all biblical evidence. There have been plenty of studies that
    suggest coffee causes cancer. Other studies say otherwise. You can also
    find plenty of articles online with scientists who are on the fence about
    it. Which studies do you accept? You may change your mind tomorrow when the
    next guy posts an article.

    Please do not respond to my comment and demand I provide evidence for the
    Bible. Google it! You may find biblical evidence with scientific evidence
    against it. If you continue your research, you will find scientific
    evidence that disputes the evidence you just used!

    If an offensive atheist responds to my comment, I will not respond back. It
    won’t be because I’m afraid to “lose” but because of the point I have
    thoroughly described.

  8. No its just a shame that most of human species have mental illness called
    FAITH! A BELIEF without evidence! And thats just a very stupid choice.

  9. I love Tim Hawkins, but he should not equate evolution to atheism. They are
    not the same thing. 

  10. Tim Hawkins is the beat comedian there is, wish I could see everyone of his
    shows. Love him! 

  11. lol I’m an atheist and it still makes me laugh. But he clearly knows
    nothing about evolution or much about atheists. 

  12. How can atheists say they don’t believe in anything? You have to believe in
    something. You believe in air, right? And power? And money? So don’t say
    you don’t believe anything. You’re not a tomato.

    By the way, Tim Hawkins is amazing, and he has a freedom of speech. If
    you’re an atheist, why are you watching a Christian comedian? If you don’t
    like it, don’t watch it. You’re just looking for an argument.

    God Bless. 

  13. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▀▄░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░
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  14. The atheists that came on here, laughed, and dealt with the fact that some
    of their behavior is beyond hypocritical are the ones that are winners
    here. If you came on here as a “angry atheist” with an axe to grind, well
    done and showing why people who think for themselves shouldn’t take you

  15. +TimHawkinsComedy This is so bad that instead of coal, I’m putting this DVD
    in my son’s stocking! 😉 Love it!

  16. As an atheist, I found this quite hysterical. Although there were some
    flaws in his assertions (such as evolution being accidental), it was still
    great. I couldn’t stop laughing at the one about nobody loving the
    children in the world! Although, I was a little insulted that he said
    atheist don’t have anything to give us hope. Personally speaking, I get my
    hope from others. When i see people accepting others for who they are, for
    laughing about and having a good time, from knowing that the vast majority
    of people in this world want whats best for their neighbors, I can’t help
    but have a positive outlook on life. I don’t need a god to give me hope, I
    need a world that is willing to improves the quality of life for as many
    people as they can.

  17. +Prototype Atheist I support your explanation and you reasoning. I wish
    other people could see what this man is doing and basically denying
    Evolution and Darwin’s theory. Some people are just ignorant and they can’t
    open their minds to other things! But in my point of view this guy is
    taking it a bit to fare. 

  18. I feel privileged that atheists are copying us Christians by forming
    ‘churches’ (can they even call them that?). You’d think the first and
    original atheist churches, the local bars, would object!

  19. Actually,i’m a christian who knows evolution exists. It’s quite clear by
    the evidence that it does, but I believe we have no clue what 1 day is to
    God as compared to what we perceive. In fact I am getting an engineering
    and physics degree and will use it to help those in need. Engineers are
    needed everywhere and I’d have no issue not getting paid as much to help
    those in need. If I do end up wealthy I’ll probably set up organizations
    and do with it for communities that I can and build orphanages over seas
    where there are millions of children who have no place to go. So both can
    be managed quite well and many of my professors are wonderful christians as

  20. As I read the bitter writings of someone so ignorant they make their own
    field look stupid. It occurs to me the very core of humanity with no God
    becomes a bitter self absorbed fool trying to make theory a fact to justify
    his elevated perch above the rest. REALLY A SAD little person with more
    confusion than information and hardly any facts. It ends up coming off very
    angry and creepy.. Go ahead have laugh at everyone who has a God at their
    expense in order to elevate yourself among your betters. Its fine, I for
    one have had a grand time laughing at the obstinate idiot. 

  21. I am a Atheist. I am not going into the reasons of my unbelief. But let
    me tell you, these Atheist “churches” really is just a place for common
    fellowship and community. That’s really it. A place for a minority to
    band together in fellowship to get to know other people of the same kind.
    Personally as someone who is rather not very social, I find these
    gatherings a bit absurd. But, to each his or her own.
    I will also be honest, despite me being someone who disagrees, I found this
    funny. I laughed. It was funny.

  22. Come on. I think we can all agree that the idea of an atheist church is
    silly. This is poking fun at that. Not at atheism. It’s just fun and silly.

  23. Tim Hawkins used to be funny but this is just really boring and stupid. im
    not really an athiest or a christian but i went to a baptist high school so
    i know alot about christianity. i dont think its right that he can make fun
    of athiesm and these christian people can laugh at it(not saying everyone
    in the audience is christian but alot are). if someone made fun of
    christianity like this christians would be in an uproar

  24. Ok ok I have friends who love church music, but it never appealed to me.

    You know what religious music is pretty nice? Jewish synagogue music. And
    I’m 0% Jewish.

  25. calm down, hes taking a part of history and or something about our earth
    and making it into a joke. watch any other comedian and you will find that
    they all do it too. different comedians have different styles and if you
    don’t like his style then don’t watch him. I find him very funny and very

  26. His jokes are mildly amusing, but he’s entirely ignorant of any
    understanding of the mindset of most atheists (including the fact that
    calling atheist gatherings “churches” is laughable). He’s playing to the
    common misperception that non-believers are unhappy and hopeless, which is
    usually the exact opposite of the reality. Not looking to start an argument
    here, and I wish you all well – just wanted to point out that he’s rather
    cheaply playing on all of your misconceptions about atheists. 

  27. Literally.. if you have a problem with him, then just don’t watch the
    video. His intent is not to offend anyone. He may be generalizing a bit,
    but he’s a comedian and not giving a sermon. Frankly, he makes TONS of
    people laugh, including me. 

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