Time for a shameless plug for my new book! :)


Just click on the cover image to grab the book! Do it now! 🙂

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve published my first non-fiction title on Amazon! YAY!!! 😀

It’s currently available for Kindle, the actual physical book will be available via CreateSpace sometime over the next couple of weeks.

It’s all about Airbnb, and how to get the most out of it while traveling.

As many of you already know, I’ve been essentially wandering the earth aimlessly, while working online as a writer and consultant over the last few years or so. I’ve done much of that while hopping from Airbnb to Airbnb.

Needless to say, I’ve learned quite a few tricks, hacks and strategies over that time. So I’ve decided to put all that I have learned into a book, and share my wisdom with the world.

I know, right? 🙂

Anyway, if you’ve used Airbnb, and/or plan on using it in your future travels, then you will DEFINITELY want to grab this book.

It’s a fun, entertaining and informative read, if I do say so myself. 🙂

I promise that what you learn from it will save you some serious money on your very next Airbnb booking, and beyond!

And just for my Holes peeps, friends and compadres…

Before I start actually promoting its release, it’s specially-priced at just .99 (as in cents!) during its introductory week.

Next Sunday, the price increases to at least $3.99.

BTW, if you have KindleUnlimited, this baby’s free for ya. So NO excuses to download this baby and give it a read! 🙂

If you do get it (and seriously, why wouldn’t you?), I sincerely hope you’ll leave a review on Amazon for me (hopefully glowing, especially considering that I proofread it meticulously), that would seriously make my week. And, you’ll get a warm fuzzy feeling inside! 🙂

Oh and one other thing, if you haven’t yet joined Airbnb for whatever reason, use this link to join right now:


You’ll get a whole $35 off your first Airbnb booking, courtesy of yours truly. What’s not to like about that? 🙂

So… what are ya waiting for?

Grab the book for under a buck, give it a read, and sure, feel free to share it with your friends, after it goes up to regular price (just kidding) 😀 !

Thanks you for your support, and I hope you enjoy it! Click the image above or the link below to grab it. And remember to leave a happy review! 🙂



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You should write a bo….. oh, hang on, I should read your tweet *1st*, apparently… give me a mo…..

RT @holesinthefoam: Time for a shameless plug for my new book! 🙂 – https://t.co/WbJUVqdt7A https://t.co/2oBW316B2U

RT @holesinthefoam: Time for a shameless plug for my new book! 🙂 – https://t.co/WbJUVqdt7A https://t.co/2oBW316B2U