TIME: Texas Dioceses Name 286 Catholic Leaders Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children


Catholic leaders in Texas on Thursday identified 286 priests and others accused of sexually abusing children, a number that represents one of the largest collections of names to be released since an explosive grand jury report last year.



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Rexx Roberts

are any of the christian child molesters being arrested? probably not.in this crooked country only petty criminals go to prison

It's me, Joolz

This is disgusting.

Cristian Seitz

Is Catholicism just a big Pedo club? No wonder Latinas have so many kids, they have to donate at least one to the church for molestation!


I bet most of those priests are illegal immigrants.

charlie preston

The Known ,,,,and the Caught. The rest got away with it. Fucking nothing but a scamm and largest pedophile gang in history.