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  1. Dawkins and Nye now claiming aliens may have created us and putting all of their life's work and reputation on the line is proof of them being bought out by the Elite. For those of us that're awake we are aware that you don't become famous like them unless you do what your told (or in other words – sell your soul to Satan). Them claiming aliens may have created us is setting the sleepers of the world up to be accepting of the "aliens" i.e. fallen angels released by CERN, as the saviors of the world. There is no science behind Dawkins and Nye… only lies and deception. I cringed when Nye said that anyone who teaches creation science is holding the youth back and hurting society…. there's a special place in hell for these guys unless they man up and repent…

  2. Love your videos, always sad when they end. It's so draining these days bc my family and neighbors sit in front of the TV allllll evening after they get home from work, "reality TV", letting their kids play with evil Bratz dolls, Christians doing halloween etc. Sigh

  3. But Mario, this new World order is actually good… Think. People will be free to go out of closet, marry who they want and decide what they believe. This is real christianity

  4. Can you release a video leading atheists to go watch the video the atheist delusion recently released by living waters?

  5. Thanks for your work Mario! Really appreciate it. Your little vlogs were really helpfull to me aswell!

  6. I used to live in Ottawa, who is your pastor. I want to subscribe to your Church. I am now living in the Dominica, serving God in a country that still loves Him.

  7. I enjoy your style of teaching. Would you ever be able to expose the Sacred Name Movement. A lot of things they say can deceive many.

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