Top 10 Lies Of Reza Aslan – VIDEO


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  1. do you really need a degree in religion to understand religion —
    Sam Harris is a neuroscientist , Reza has a degree in fantasy.
    I always hate it when that fat sweaty fuck or the dick sucking so called educated Muslim attack Sam when he is not there.
    Sam is clearly right and you can tell he is ten times smarter than that fucking Turkish turd and the dick riding mooslim.
    I just wish Sam would get angry sometimes, hes always cool as the other side of the pillow.
    Damn Devon you and Sam both are neuroscientist, but I've heard you even lose your shit, hell you told everyone to fuck off, unsubscribe and mosey the fuck on.
    Maybe it's just the hatred I have for these Muslim fucking sympathizers that must lie, constantly lie for Islam because it's just a fucking shitty , shitty, child raping, child pedophile lead book written by an illiterate, which in itself is an oxymoron.

  2. Devon — here's a story for you about that so called black mythical violence.
    Mother's day weekend in Chicago Illinois — 2016
    Fri and Sat — blacks shot 41 other blacks and killed 4. Sun — blacks shot and killed 9 other blacks , (but here's the real kicker of the Sunday massacre, two black men rolled up and killed 9 other black people at a mother's day barbeque set in the backyard at a black mothers house in Chicago.)

  3. I never trusted a single word of either Reza or any muslim scholar because I grew up among them & know their intention. Its white guilt ridden western who makes a mediocre man like him into a bestselling author.

  4. I would a ask a Christian why they wrote a book about Islam. This is a ridiculous question?

  5. Haven't seen much of Reza in a while. His 15 minutes seem to be over.
    (He probably would not have had those 15 minutes if not for that stupid bitch on Fox making him look smart by comparison.)

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