Top 5 Reasons Creationism Is An Assault On Science: By Bill Nye – VIDEO


Bill Nye takes on creationism in his new book, “Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation.” He stopped by CBS to make his case in an op-ed.



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Freddy Scissorhands

Good guy, Bill.
Unfortunatelly, some people simply are beyond reason. You will never reach
them, because if they have to choose between their favorit book and
reality… they will pick their book. Because…
Actually, I have no idea why! It makes them feel all warm and fuzzy, I
guess? But in that case: Did they read this horrible piece of literature?


Sadly its fundamentalists in Christianity that push the creationism theory. It doesn’t make sense to me either. Genesis was written by Moses (Although some scholars debate the authorship), in a primitive era roughly 3,500 years before modern science and according to the creationist view roughly 2,500 years after the 6 day creation. It seems completely unreasonable to take Genesis 1-3 as literal, scientific evidence on the back of that, and it gets even more complicated when you consider the figurative language in the passages and then consider what science has discovered. But, the fundamentalists want to take a strict literal… Read more »


BTW, Bill… I don’t have a tell-lie-vision because of all the propaganda
and lies that come out of it. Hence, the blank picture on my tv profile
pic. Just sayin! And CBS shame on you for leaving Jesus out. God will not
be mocked!


Bill you need to repent and believe the gospel before it is to late. Jesus
is coming!

Qskyghost82 googlechromecast customer

Theory of evolution if made real&if obeyed is fatal chaos & mass murders everyone &leaves zero survivors. & without creationdoms& Jewish abelite god&goddes nothing would be created&no one would be able to create nor co-create anything not even scientists. &god created scientists&religious folks both&their foundations. Scientists folks like to look at god&god’s creationdoms from a different point of view than religious folks do! But Albert Einstein’s quantum religious &science combined god&safety engineering ten bible commandments&kosure food &drink laws&predictability with variables& quantum anti-nulls do little to zero harm most of time even in quantum mechanics&quantum strings not same as quantum nulls… Read more »