Topless Apologist… – VIDEO


Angie the Anti-Theist responding to LudditeRomantic and his topless video “On Anti-Theism, AngieAntiTheist & Being Anti-AngieAntiTheist” ;….

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  1. Being a Christian its easy to admitt one thing . The young lady was right
    to come against evil . Especially the evil has expressed in the so called
    fundamentalist . However wether one agrees or not with Christianity has
    exspressed by Christ in the bible , it would show a lack of intellect or at
    least a ignorance of what Christianity actually is to associate it with the
    many heretical organisations poseing has the spokesmen of Christ . Also
    considering the abundance of evidence for a creator and a young universe ,
    its seems that there must be a dishonesty in the denial that any exsist .
    Creationist do go toe to toe with evolutionist in forums were
    unsubstantiated facts would soon be proven to be contrived . Its easy to
    make the bull look ludicrous . The truth has no problem standing
    examination . While I might not be totally familiar with the young ladys
    fundamentalist experience , I am familiar with my own and have reached the
    same negitive conclusions concerning the fakers, frauds, and liers Funny
    the bible seems to agree with us . Seems the ladys mind is made against
    what she percieved to be faith . There are other definitions of the word
    then the way she was useing it . Sorry they hurt you young lady . Many
    people hurt others for there own reasons , many do it in the name of God .
    Dosent make it so . Good luck out there . And keep searching . 

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