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Dear Youtube commentators,
When even Daniel Tosh can manage to be more respectful to a transgendered
person than you, it’s time to take a HARD look at your life.


Thats a GIRL!?!

Beelzebozo Bill

A skit that makes fun of both the religious and the atheists and all anyone
can talk about is how someone looks.
People suck.


I don’t care about this entire episode, all I want to know is that a man
dressed and acting like a woman or is that a woman that looks like a man
dressing and acting like a woman?

Either way that person looks like a man dressing and acting like a woman.


God he/she’s making atheists look bad.

Morgan Chase

That is a man right?


Ladies and Gentleman, that is a woman.

King Zagan

She’s, and I use the term loosely, probably mad at god and genetics for
giving her a face and body like that. I mean Jesus really wanted her to
feel remorse for not believing.

Silvio Quintana

People are stupid all this talk about her being a guy. Give it a rest I
think she’s kinda hot. Why is everyone questioning. 

Drew Kane

Jesus Christ, BionicDance is on Tosh.0. I think this is it folks, this is
the big one. Hell is being visited by Santa Clause and Porky Pig just
hopped on a jetliner.

Lyle Nathan

Yay! Always nice to see a familiar atheist face on the small screen. Chalk
one up for BD!

Juan Federico

Awesome. Fucking religion poisons everything.


shes the female version of TJ from the amazing fagtheist

F Terry Smith

Good on you BD!


In a foxhole you would be counting on both those guys.

Kirk Davis

I always go with the Christian

Rob Turza

whys he haten on ricky gervais he’s such a beaut


What’s Daniel Tosh’s problem with British people?


i fuking lost it at the nicki minaj reference

Jordan Freytag

She is so well-spoken. I agree with most of what she said.

Randy Orton

Girls got a dick

Eric Cohen

She’s well spoken and a good representative for anyone who’s an atheist.
If you can’t get past her appearance than you are a moron and should look
in the mirror as a contributor to problems in society.


She’s a lentleman.


That dude is the ugliest chick on the interwebs. 

Ker Mitdafrog

Guys please help me because I’m really really stoned it’s just hurting
because i cant understand if that’s a man or a woman please help mayday


who is this athiest guy pretending to be a woman? not fooling anybody.


She looks like Rob Dyrdek


Kill it with fire!!

Yazeed Aldobayan

da fuq is this thing?

Theodore Nguyen

That looks like a guy

Parker Juanson

…what is that?


Pretty sure that that’s a guy who’s too poor to get a sex change

Jacob Gamm

Just noticed she has an Izzet Tattoo, im converted.

Mike Horton

I’m guessing you are not getting married in Indiana any time soon?

Stephen Phen

This was fucking good. Nice job Tosh!