1. Dear Youtube commentators,
    When even Daniel Tosh can manage to be more respectful to a transgendered
    person than you, it’s time to take a HARD look at your life.

  2. A skit that makes fun of both the religious and the atheists and all anyone
    can talk about is how someone looks.
    People suck.

  3. I don’t care about this entire episode, all I want to know is that a man
    dressed and acting like a woman or is that a woman that looks like a man
    dressing and acting like a woman?

    Either way that person looks like a man dressing and acting like a woman.

  4. She’s, and I use the term loosely, probably mad at god and genetics for
    giving her a face and body like that. I mean Jesus really wanted her to
    feel remorse for not believing.

  5. People are stupid all this talk about her being a guy. Give it a rest I
    think she’s kinda hot. Why is everyone questioning. 

  6. Jesus Christ, BionicDance is on Tosh.0. I think this is it folks, this is
    the big one. Hell is being visited by Santa Clause and Porky Pig just
    hopped on a jetliner.

  7. Yay! Always nice to see a familiar atheist face on the small screen. Chalk
    one up for BD!

  8. She’s well spoken and a good representative for anyone who’s an atheist.
    If you can’t get past her appearance than you are a moron and should look
    in the mirror as a contributor to problems in society.

  9. Guys please help me because I’m really really stoned it’s just hurting
    because i cant understand if that’s a man or a woman please help mayday

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