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Trump Assumes Asian-American Harvard Student Is From South Korea — He’s From Texas (VIDEO)

Donald Trump experienced his very own Ching-Chong-Ding-Dong moment on Monday at the No Labels Problem Solver Convention, when a Q&A session turned into Trump’s biggest problem-slash-boon (depending on whether or not you are the sort to scream “white power” at a political event) since the last time he said something racist (So, around lunchtime, probably).

Harvard student and Korean-American Joseph Choe, a man who might look a little too “Asiany” for someone like Trump to assume he is an American citizen, was chosen to ask The Donald a question, but seemed to be having some difficulty summoning the courage to ask his question.

“Harvard? You go to Harvard?” Trump asked after taunting the 20-year-old’s hesitation to speak by informing everyone, “He’s choking!” Eventually, Choe stepped up to the mic and asked his question:

“Basically, you said that South Korea takes advantage of the United States in terms of the defense spending on the Korean Peninsula. I just want to get the facts straight…”

But there’s a problem — Choe’s skin color is brownish, so Trump was obligated to say something racist. Before the Harvard student could finish his question, Mr. “Big Beautiful Wall” interrupted:

“Are you from South Korea?”

Choe had a surprise in store for The Donald:  There are Americans who are not white. This may seem commonplace to the rest of us, but remember that we’re dealing with a person who models his immigration policy off of “Operation Wetback,” a 1950’s mass deportation scheme for which the word “inhumane” is a compliment. Choe dropped a bomb on Trump — not only is he American, but he was born in what many conservatives consider to be the most ‘Murikan part of America:

“I’m not. I was born in Texas, raised in Colorado.”

This, of course, was very embarrassing for Trump. Much of the audience roared with laughter at the billionaire’s callousness, stupidity, or both. “No matter where I’m from, I like to get my facts straight,” Choe said. “I wanted to tell you, that’s not true, South Korea paid $861 million dollars.” At that point, Trump interrupted him and babbled incoherently about South Korea not being an ally who gives enough back to the United States.

After the event Choe, whose parents were both born in Korea, told NPR that his main purpose in attending was to ask Trump the question. “I don’t care who you are, whether you’re the prime minister or Donald Trump, if you say something factually wrong or do something factually wrong, I’ll call you out on it,” Choe said. “[Trump] makes all these, like, weird accusations, whether it’s toward Mexicans or women, or South Koreans; I just wanted to call him out on that.”

While Choe laughed off the racism, University of California, Irvine sociology professor Jennifer Lee says that Trump’s questioning of Choe’s identity is distressingly common:

“It seems like this innocuous question, like people are just asking your identity, but they’re really challenging this idea of who is American, which is, at the core, an offensive question. It’s this persistent perception that Asian-Americans are not American, that they are perpetual foreigners.”

Choe says he is not supporting Trump for President, but he has a message for the billionaire racist:

“I’m as American as it gets.”

But is Trump wrong in his assertion that South Korea does not deserve U.S. protection — that we protect it for free, and South Korea pays nothing toward the effort? Yes. Trump is just as wrong about South Korea as he was about Choe’s nationality.

Watch Trump embarrass himself, below:

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