Nah, it’s not like Trump is egging on his idiotic minions to beat and hurt protesters, he’s just offering to cover their legal bills if they do. Know the difference… – VIDEO


Trump Promises To Defend Racist Fans That Attack Protesters (VIDEO)

When Donald Trump isn’t bragging about the size of his d*ck, threatening his enemies, spouting horrific racist remarks, attacking easy targets Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, or screaming angrily that prominent religious figures disagree with his bigotry, he falls back on one of his favorite hobbies: enjoying the show as his racist, violent supporters beat people up in his name. It’s almost impossible to watch the three-ring circus that is a Trump rally without seeing his uneducated fans beat someone up for expressing an opinion.

Trump’s supporters’ favorite targets are rather unsurprising given his massive support among white supremacists. Recently, The Donald ordered police to remove about 30 peaceful African-American students from one of his rallies just for being there while black. But, of course, things could have been much worse for them. Normally, if an African-American speaks out against Trump at one of his events, he or she is met with violence.

After an African-American man at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, stood up for himself and declared that black lives matter just as much as white lives, Trump supporters descended on him, punching, kicking, and dragging the man simply because expressed an opinion as well as calling him a “n*gger” and other slurs. Trump could have denounced this violence and hate. Instead, he explained that “maybe he should have been roughed up.”

One Trump supporter, Robert Kiger, told CNN at the time that the man deserved it because Birmingham, Alabama, a historical hotbed of KKK activity in which many civil rights battles took place, is “no place for Black Lives Matter to try to bring their issues to the forefront.”

More recently, a Trump fan was discharged from the United States Marine Corp. for his role in an attack on a black woman at a rally in Louisville, Kentucky. Again, Trump responded to the controversy surrounding the regular attacks (In this case, he chose to reference an attack on a New Hampshire protester who was one of the few white people his supporters attacked) by telling his supporters it’s OK to attack “protesters.”

Of course, it is clear from his and his followers’ past actions which protesters he meant.

The Donald called the various beatings protesters receive at the hands of his fans “really amazing to watch,” and explained that he was tired of “political correctness” — the right-wing term for not being a homophobic, racist, misogynist prick — when it came to how dissent is handled at his rallies. When he was interrupted by a protester, he again condoned his supporters’ actions:

“Get him out. Try not to hurt him. If you do I’ll defend you in court.”

“Are Trump rallies the most fun?” he said. “We’re having a good time.” While most would consider an environment where violence is the response to mild dissent an absolute f*cking nightmare,

While most would consider an environment where violence is the response to mild dissent an absolute f*cking nightmare, Trump and his fans embrace it wholeheartedly.

Watch Trump give his supporters permission to attack protesters below:


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