Try explaining this to a libertarian ideologue. Or better yet, a tea partier… :P




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Typical statement of ignorance by the economically illiterate. If someone’s job skills aren’t worth enough to make ends meet, how does that constitute a handout? Libertarians do oppose actual taxpayer funded corporate welfare. Period. Which is more than can be said for the democrats and republicans in congress for sale to the highest corporate crony bidder. Who cares what the tea party thinks.

Gary, don’t bother with your ideologue bullshit.

The tea party? Dude, the TP ARE libertarians just under another name. They’re the ones that added the supreme layer of batshit to the libertarians. Are you fucking serious? The party of idiots who basically did the plutocrats bidding for them? And Gary, yet again, you show just what a fucking ideological moron you are. Businesses charge the prices they charge in order to cover their overhead and clear a profit. Their costs for labor that they pay their workers need to cover THEIR overhead. It’s not about a worker’s qualifications or job skills. It’s the responsibility of the employer… Read more »