TV Debate: Secularism vs Islam – VIDEO


TV Debate: Can Secularism produce peace and prosperity? Channel: ABTV Show Name: The Big Questions Time: 14 November 2010 Guests: Abdullah al Andalusi (membe…



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Logical Reason

that was an emotional secularist who was confusing lot of things, and he
failed to give a criteria to judge religions, because the criteria he made
was going against his own philosophy of secularism.


today all problems in socalled islamic countries are bcs of seculersm,the
only country saudi arabia have islamic sharia law that is why there is no
major problem,so allah bless saudi arabia,

A Muslimah

Goodness me, you could have got a better opponent for Abdullah. This guy is
out of
his depth!


Where are the subtitles for surrender lal, me not understanding what he
babbling about!


Crazy guy… hahahaha… the Indian guy lost it.


Sorry but the “secularist” is an idiot


“Can Secularism produce peace and prosperity?” Yes, and it does. Secularism
means freedom of expression, creativity, and therefore inventiveness and in
the end modernity. On the opposite side is the ideological/religious state,
which determines for others what “thruth” is, and tells everyone what can
and can’t be said or invented. As soon as a country loses ít’s secularity,
(and in some cases it’s oil) it will lose it’s importance.

Waseem Amin

its funny that as in the u.k we pay taxes. just imagine u paying less then
me based on me being muslim and u being non muslim if anything its fair to
the non muslim as ther pay less & do not even take part in any battles
witch one would u perfer the zakth witch is more or the jazakiya witch is
less? or theres an other opsion were u dont pay taxes at all & be jailed or
trown out the countie for not abading by there law this is simple & very
fair if there were made as ecals there would pay more

Muslim Debate Initiative

@MatrixOfDynamism The show’s organisers requested a good speaker from the
UK’s National Secular Society – they sent Suran. What can you do? 🙂


I am sure that a better person could have come here for the secular side.
The indian elder is not coherent with his own statements.

Lalith Vithana

well done surendra , u got good points


If Americans want Democracy in Iraq, go back to your damn country,




the elder does not seem to be able to comprehend the more than a 1000 years
of islamic Scholarship “what Islam is and what Islam is not”, he does not
seem to know the basic idea that Qur’an and Hadith is what form “Islam” not
the actions of Zardari or the Taliban or even the Saudi King for that


Islamic caliphate treats everyone as citizen and gives them
protection.Islamic calihate gave Jews&Christians to have their own law
courts though they can use Islamic courts as well. This is freedom, in
secular lands their law in imposed on everyone as in France where they
impose their belief on Muslim women banning head cover at work and in
education on Muslim women, more over many Muslims are impriosnment without
trial, this is called sub classed treatment.

Muslim Debate Initiative

@muslim9x9x His name is Suran Lal – a member of National Secular Society.


Why is there ahlul Bayt on the screen? Is that a Shia channel??


The jizya is a parallel tax to zakat which is compulsory on Muslims. Zakat
was collected from Muslims, in fact Abu Bakr ra had to fight those who
refused to pay when the prophet sas died. Non Muslims are not required to
pray zakat as that is not their religious obligation but they must pay
jizya as they will get the same benefits as the Muslims but non Muslims are
not required to take part in jihad


what happened in france?

Lalith Vithana

without islam we wil not know , right and wrong ? what load of crap is that


which practices?


hah moron

Ali Hamadeh

guys out of curiosity when the prophet blessings upon him was spreading
islam was his goal to make or have an islamic government or state. this
idea of an islamic state came during the caliphs. lets take saudi arabia
the most religious state is it really living under the sharia for example
the oppression of the women. my point is this should be a personal belief i
dont get why we need an islamic government. i live in lebanon its a secular
state yet we can still live and obide by our religion…


The jizya is parallel tax, from it the non Muslims get protection and
social services including benefits and maintanance of the country but the
non Muslims are not required to take part in jihad though for Muslims that
was compulsory. Further the non Muslims prefered Muslim rule to others like
Roman etc and Muslims used to return the jizya if they felt they can’t
protect.Muslim wars were never for greed

Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa

its bans some religious practices


You feel safe as an atheist,but not others, by the command of your leaders,
around the world Muslims are kidnapped and imprisonment without trial in
underground prisons and toutured/Amenesty Interntional/Extraaudinary


“Non Muslims are not required to pray zakat as that is not their religious
obligation but they must pay jizya as they will get the same benefits as
the Muslims but non Muslims are not required to take part in jihad” No, but
you use the jizya to forward your imperialist ideology. Just as as you
force non-Muslims to fund your illegitimate ideology, the American
government forces citizens to pay for its illegitimate wars… It’s wrong
either way dude.


Woudlnt’ this not make you a hypocrite?

Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa

secularism is good but what happened in france is too radical


Wrong — Hitler was not secular he was a choir boy in a Catholic church and
he constantly said that God guided him to kill all Jews… read ‘Mein
Kampf’ which means my struggle (Jihad??) — actually it is said Grüß Gott
which means Salute to God!


@mujtahid2006 by the way I have seen that most of the speaker (especially
christians) simply ignore all that we are saying and only pedal their views
regardless of what we are stating. Like this guy, enough explaination has
been given to him to show the problem with Secularism but even than he
sticks to the same points that he has set his mind on. He was really caught
in the question about France for example. Are athiests like this too? I
mean those that you have debated.


If muslims in the west want islam then go to muslim country


“Can Secularism produce peace and prosperity?” Well at least we got rid of
stuff like religious wars, burning witches, the inquisition, religious
leaders messing with science ect. Though for example Finland is not yet an
completely secular state but we are making progress.