Well, let’s face it, anyone would want to slap the shit out of Ann Coulter… – VIDEO


TV Host Admits She Wanted To ‘Slap That B*tch’ Ann Coulter LIVE On Television (VIDEO)

If there’s one person who can get under the skin of practically everyone she comes in contact with, friend or foe, it’s Ann Coulter. Her general demeanor is like nails on a chalkboard. Add to that her hateful and bigoted rhetoric and you have the perfect recipe for the response that you’re about to hear.

While guest hosting on the The View, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi had the unfortunate privilege of being seated next to Ann Coulter as she was touting her anti-immigration book Adios America. While Coulter went on and on about how she wants Trump to be president and how much she hates immigrants, Lakshmi, an immigrant herself, stayed remarkably quiet, while her face spoke a thousand words.

Watch the initial exchange that occurred while on the The View:


Well, we finally found out what was going through Lakshmi’s mind throughout that entire segment. While appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, she let us all in on what she wanted to do to Coulter at that very moment:

“Ann Coulter was there promoting her book on immigration and she was sitting next to me, and obviously I’m an immigrant, as you are [fellow WWHL guest Adriana Lima], and so is [The View co-host] Ana Navarro, and so it’s … She got into it with everybody.

I was thinking, ‘Lord, please don’t let me slap a b*tch on national TV.’ It was my first time on The View and Ann Coulter is a very bright woman, she’s whip smart, she has a right to her own opinion. And I’m on The View, I respect her right to express her point of view. But, you know, I don’t agree with a lot of her views and I don’t agree with them for some very vehement reasons. Especially on immigration. I just thought, ‘I have to be graceful because I have a limit. She may not have that limit.’ I didn’t even need to talk. You can see it on my face.”

Sure, while Coulter has every right to express her opinion, we all have the right to tell her she’s a terrible human being. And fortunately, Lakshmi didn’t actually slap Coulter, because God knows that would’ve never gotten off the right-wing airwaves. The headlines would read, “enraged and crazy immigrant violently strikes peaceful conservative for speaking her mind” or something equally as deceptive that Fox News and co. would come up with. However, we can’t fault Lakshmi for being visibly upset at Coulter’s wrongful and hate-filled rhetoric.

Here’s the video of Lakshmi admitting she had to hold back from slapping Coulter via Bravo:

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Well she is such an evil bitch

this thing doesn,t qualify as human to me … more like a collection of noxious sewer gasses , or an amalgamation of sick bed excrements …

And she looks like a horse