But the uber-capitalists insist that it’s possible. Who are we to disagree?




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Same all over the world. Including the UK

RT @holesinthefoam: But the uber-capitalists insist that … – http://t.co/VDpMYbxFg5 #FightPlutocracy #FuckGop #RaiseMinWage http://t.co/h…

If we raise minimum wage it will just make the dollar worth even less than it is because everyone will be making more. It balances out. The minimum wage is significantly higher than 1998 and look at that, the dollar is worth less.

RT @holesinthefoam: But the uber-capitalists insist that … – http://t.co/VDpMYbxFg5 #FightPlutocracy #FuckGop #RaiseMinWage http://t.co/h…

You mean it’s similar in the UK and you assume it’s the same everywhere else.

UK’s minimum wage is at least higher than the US’ by about 2 bucks an hour. 😛

Uh… no Dylan, not even close. Do some research. The fact is that the minimum wage being so low has been a tax on the US economy, which has actually affected the dollar adversely. Couple this with the FACT that taxpayers subsidize companies’ profits due to low wages, and you have an even more complex problem due to low wages. Why in the fuck should tax dollars be used for full-time workers to feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads? Oh yeah, right, there is no reason. 😛

Minimum wage became fig leaves of predatory capitalism to keep the working masses in line. “Manage your money better!” LOL

And no, it’s not the same all over the world. Minimum wages in many developed countries are FAR higher than the US. Let’s not do false equivalencies please… 😛

In what magical land could you buy a cart full of groceries for
20 dollars in 1998?

well you could start with having a better graffic to improve your point. this one consists of three different carts, from three different stores with no indication that it is at that same time and which also contain totally different sorts of produce, starting with the cheapest and therefore greater quantity for the same money on the left. a good observation is always diminished if you use disception to prove it.

Well, seems to me like you’re missing the point of the meme. Which isn’t mine btw. One question, what’s “disception”? 🙂

Think the point was to represent buying power based on CPI at that time compared to now. 😛

Wishhe they woulda shown one object up to $20 filled and the same cart for perspective. totally agree iwth the meme, would love to see a better one to demonstrate the problem.

I’m sure that as the admin for a facebook page you can read past a little Typoneese by now. 🙂

Oh yeah… 😛

Cart full in 1998 lmao!!

It’s been done before without the doom and gloom occuring as the right wing predicted. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/28/minimum-wage-doubling_n_3819478.html