Idiot shoots himself while driving… – VIDEO


A Virginia man is in the hospital after he shot himself “accidentally”  in the hand while driving in Portsmouth.

According to police,  the unidentified man shot himself while sitting at a traffic light, ABC 13 reports.

While at the traffic light near a MacDonald’s restaurant, the man was attempting to clean his revolver when the gun went off, shooting himself in the hand.

When officers arrived on the scene, they discovered a man inside a silver Honda with a gunshot wound to his hand.

But, according to WAVY,  the  man told police he was moving his gun while in his vehicle as he waited at a stoplight. That’s when he said the firearm went off and struck him in the hand.

The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment,

Detective Misty Holley said the incident is considered completely accidental. Officers have filed no charges against the man. Because that would be holding the gun owner responsible for his actions and we can’t have that.

Watch courtesy of WAVY:

Don’t put your finger on the trigger unless your intent is to obliterate your target. I wonder if his trigger finer is OK. I hope not. Next time he could kill an innocent person.



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