Wait. Hold the phone. Why is the inbred talking cow still talking like she gives a shit, when everybody knows she’s out the barn door?


Sanders: Trump calling on Democrats to do their jobs



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Tony Cannon

Congress needs to support national security…fund the wall

Greg Hudson

Soon we will see Trump’s tax return and what a fraud he is.


shut it down permanently is our only hope

Edmund Banks

All The Dumb Libtards Demorats Know Is to Bash Trump. I Say Drain the Dam Sleazy Swamp Clean House.

Brian Buckmaster

Sara, if I were you, I would get my resume up to date..

Rosy G

Thank you Sarah for always sharing the truth! The democrats are incapable of listening or seeing any truth. I wonder why they don’t listen to common sense?

Frank King

Trump has the Senate,the House and the White House. Why is he bothering Democrats about funding his Wall?


Good job Sarah, you are doing a fantastic job!

Frank King

Sarah Huckabee looks like Chewbacca. The Trump Administration is a Sinking Ship.

Mike Hunt

Can trump executive order the firing of democratic reps?

3 Xast

They pay Sarah Saunders big dollars to shovel manure

Jesus Says

"Trump calling on Democrats to do their jobs"
Sure. The impeachment of Traitor Trump.


The Democrats have clearly shown they do not care about the will of the people and are merely representatives of the anti=American deepstate.

Belch Water

If they wanted jobs they wouldn't have become DamnOldCraps!!!    Brahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Nelli Torre

Democrats don't like this country


Sarah must be eating Trump’s Big Macs! Fatter every time her deformed face is on tv!

Dona Herndon

Love Sarah Sanders