Wait. WHAT did that senile old fuck Buchanan just say to Nazi Barbie???



Laura Ingraham guest says 600,000 slaves were brought to America but 620,000 people died in the Civil War so reparations are unnecessary


LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Tell me — now, David Brooks, who is perhaps the least accurate commentator on the political scene, right next to Bill Kristol, who is still campaigning for Lamar Alexander for president, I think — So, David Brooks writes a column today in The New York Times, a friend of mine said it — sent it to me. He’s changed his mind. He used to be against reparations, and now he sees the benefit of a reparations program, Pat.

What would that do? Would reparations really work to heal the racial divide in the United States, Pat? Or would it maybe just add to the resentment that’s already out there?

PAT BUCHANAN: Well, you’re — you take people, and we talked about the folks who came here, who — and from 1890 to 1920, all Eastern Europeans, and all the others, they had nothing to do with slavery. I mean, you — also, you had — in the whole period of slavery, I think you had 600,000 people brought to the United States under involuntary servitude, or slavery, and 620,000 died in the Civil War, Americans. So, the expiation, I think, was done, you know.

But I will say this, I mean, the whole idea of this — this will just rip the country apart. But before it does that, if the Democrats come out for reparations, I think they will lose the country in the next election to Trump, handily.

BUCHANAN: What form is it going to take, and who is going to pay it? Who is supposed to pay the reparations? People whose ancestors had no role in this? Who is determined, exactly, who was a slave, or are we going to do the —

INGRAHAM: DNA testing?

BUCHANAN: We’re going to do the Elizabeth Warren DNA test? What’s going on here?


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