WaPo: 15 jabs in one day: Trump attacks Democrats for latest investigations


President Trump on March 5 launched several verbal attacks aimed at House Democrats who requested information about the president from more than 80 people. Read more: https://wapo.st/2NLwPzp. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK



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Valerie Texan

Thry know the facts so if so innocent just do your job show the papers present the truth and let us see for ourselves. If you would at least say, I know you doubt me because I have told you things I thought were true but weren't , I might understand and doubt my judgement. To deny you ever lied or have given us democrates anything to be concerned about is so ludicrous it only shows you're guilty. Admit we exist, admit that the majority of or a large part of this country is Democrats and do not want a… Read more »

potage racing

Republicans did worst to obama with everything he wanted to do

Edward Gross

That swamp is going to swallow you up mr president

Cosmo Kramer

6 more years to cry!!…

David Bertrand

This new bill has a government tax somewhere . DemonRats are the party of raising taxes. Nothing is free! / Pence 2020 (3-6-2019)

joey fiore

washington post you are a bunch of clowns

John Allen Lauridsen Jr.


Luke Spacewalker

If the Americans that fought in the Revolutionary War saw how the country was ran today they would be ashamed.

unpaid troll

each of those 15 statements are 100% correct


Lock him up.


The thing I love about our president trump is how he exposed the bias Media that only is here to divide us. Yo have my vote in 2020 trump.

K Jackson

From the mouth of a man who has said HORRIBLE MEAN things & lies about others. He should be nicer, please sir?

Ferrariassassin Gaming

But….the Democrats are mad nothing has showed up on the investigation yet now that Trump says the investigation showed up nothing, now Democrats are mad where Trump won.

Robert E

He should have called it a big, fat golfing expedition so his base would understand better.

Gordon Adams

The more he protests, the more guilty he makes himself look.

Pam Thompson

And we are paying these fools for NOT doing their jobs. They are a world disgrace as President Trumps popularity continues in RISE

Jack Humphrey

NOW he wants to do infrastructure and healthcare. Riiiiiiight.

Joyce T

President Trump is awesome! He is a true leader that fights for the citizens of this country. I am so proud to see several black websites that tell the truth about Democrats. It appears blacks are leaving the Democrat party in droves. Latino's for Trump rose 30% in one month. With the left turning to Socialism, Trump is going to win in the biggest landslide in history in 2020. In just two years, Trump has made America great again!!

Ben Der

Presidential Harrassment is Trumps twitter handle.

some body

How many jabs does CNN, wapo and MSNBC make per day at trump!. You cockbiters can dish it out but cant take it.

Ralph Calhoun

and there are actually people who cant understand why trump is so disliked !! only racist pos people that want a wall, like trump. so sad. cant wait till 2020 to see this pos finally leave the wh.

mike s.

Yeah keep listening to the richest man in the worlds news network. Great job lib dumbasses.

Yogui 1028

A Conman as president, only in America. You dig your own grave greedy Orange Clown the sad part is that you corrupt your family all in the name of MONEY, shame on you Mr. Trump.

T Beast

This whole entire video is about him telling the truth right there with everything he just said the Democrats are absolutely Furious that they lost states that they've held onto for over a hundred years

T Beast

When Mueller's investigation comes out exonerating Trump for the Russian collusion you're going to find something else for him that he's guilty for

T Beast

Aren't you Trump haters tired of losing? Lol