WaPo: Democrats kept throwing shade at Trump during the State of the Union


From blank stares to small talk to texting, congressional Democrats pulled out all the stops to avoid listening to President Trump’s 2019 State of the Union address.



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Kanan Al

I really can’t believe you guys elected this guy!! I think the coffee boy in the House of Representatives can give a better speech

Radha Das333

Nancy looks like a child making faces and being rude. What's up with the white thing? They look like Dracula's Brides. They show how immature they are and disrespectful. They aren't people to look up to or trust to make important decisions. It is all a game to them. They act like fools!

Daniel Stein

Wow!! The left is so ugly inside! No wonder they love killing babies so much, they know there children will grow up and vote to euthanize them!

dany manchster

ohhhh he knows he is gona get impeached


What a disrespectful Hag!


So much hate from so many Godless.

Jay Jay

Look at the supposed pure Christian Pence feigning or actually adoring a adulterer. Weird old world we live in.

Radkon Psygami

USA should never hire smug bitches like Alexandra Occasional Cortex or Nanci Pelosi – f**k toxic feminism.




Of course because they're nasty vile creatures! How fitting that they wore white, all they were missing was the matching hoods!

Izic Khumainie

Trump 2020!

gary proffitt

Trump is foolish and a waste of Russian money ….TRUMP IS SELINE AND SO IS PUTIN.

Mario Maldonado

Notice the white color they wear its the color of surrender, now let's see who gets TRIGGERED