WaPo: Ocasio-Cortez and Democrats discuss ‘Green New Deal’


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and other Democrats discuss the ”Green New Deal,” a proposed program to address climate change and create jobs.



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Rob D

87% of voters in NYC didn't even bother to vote in the primary for her seat. That is really sad. Way to go NYC!

Diary Productions

librullz never had a nation……lol

Bmw EM

only idiots believe in man made climate change, this is one of them, she knows she has nothing to offer but this climate change BS is getting people excited, so she is using it. like Pelosi she know her followers are stupid.


Ocasio-Cortez should call for elimination of sales tax, cigarette tax, and most other consumption based taxes as they are incredibly regressive. Send Jeff Bezos the bill so democracy can keep the lights on.


This is scary stupid…why are these lefty tree-huggers letting the Frappuccino girl spearhead anything? She must be nuts if even Pelosi is giving her the cold shoulder. I thank God I do not live in the community that voted for this child.

Mad dog

Alot of rainbows and sunshine… details ?


This is a scientific fact that for some reason some of you don't understand or don't want to believe it: The fact that we are going through the most intense cold of our generation, does not imply that global warming is not real. Since the Earth was formed, it has gone through several significant climatic changes. The difference today is that gases such as Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide, among others, produce the greenhouse effect that facilitates and accelerates these changes. These gases are secondary products of industrialization, and before we destroy the planet we must take it seriously… Read more »

lewis brown

They couldn't have found someone with a little more JUICE to deliver the opening speech? Jesus.

magic dinsmore

GND eliminates ALL planes and requires long distance travel by high speed trains. Can't wait for AOC to take a train to Hawaii or attend a NATO summit in Europe by train.

Jason Milton

Corporate money MUST be taken out of politics!

yesismemom nahjustyouimagination

I love this….. someone fighting for us the American people.

Martin Lizarraga

The more the msm hypes her up the more convinced I'm am she's part of the "controlled Opposition"

Rishi Sai

bunch of idiots and morons try to tell us how to live



Anne George

Excellent! I totally support the Green New Deal. Add wipe-out of student debt and tax millionaires and billionaires and we'll be in good shape.

G Blizzard

The GND will fail because she Got No Dollar!

Paul Lyons

What a load of empty rhetoric. Geez!


LOL! What a farce and what an amazingly stupid sow! Put this low IQ commie clown in charge and the US will soon look, sound and smell like shithole Mexico or Guatemala … Like, like, like, … !

White Privilege Police

No more airplanes and replace every single building in America. Also get rid of farting cows. Read it, those are huge aspects of the bill. WTF democrats

nonya Biznessses

There is nothing wrong with wanting to reduce pollution.  The trouble is, no one is saying what is OBVIOUS;  the source of pollution is people.  Too many people.  To control pollution you have to control how many people are consuming resources.  The root cause of ALL terrible things (poverty, war,  famine, disease, pollution) is OVERPOPULATION.   We have laws to control most things, why not laws to control how many children can be born?

Randy Simmons

No more cars for politicians!.. they must take battery power bus

that wasn't.chicken

End of world..no buildings..no planes..Winning platform, democRats! Don't know why repubs didn't think of that!!……Good thinking! Go Ocasio!…..lol

Michael Dockery

the new green deal includes racial reparations

Tennessee's Fan

This ugly trash is a joke just another whining demon rat