WaPo: Trump responds to Coast Guard officer’s planned attack on Democrats, journalists


President Trump on Feb. 22 rejected the idea that his use of partisan rhetoric could have inspired the Coast Guard officer accused of plotting attacks against Democratic politicians and others.



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Chel Chalifour

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? NO!


I thought there were laws against incitement to violence and depraved indifference???

Legal Man

He was almost smiling what a sac of potatoes

sin car

another white terrorist mother f trump


What he actually said was "I think my luggage is very nice" lol

Puttentane Same

Greatest voKKKabulary EVER, Stable Genius #45…

Elias Lopez

What does nice even mean any more?


He thinks it's a shame and sad that the loony got caught

God-Emperor Trump

126 views. FAILING Washington Post. PATHETIC!

Gregory Bodde

Haha trump is smarter then every person on here. Jealousy and leftist brainwashing runs deep