Watch how a cheesy, stereotypical black sitcom treats the topic of atheism… VIDEO



This is the type of reaction that most black christians have when they find out someones a atheist.



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Austin weister

this is made just to brainwash people into believing this shit.


It’s not. The father would have stood up and yelled at the guy to leave, and to leave his daughter alone.


Black ppl are only religious because there ancestors as slaves were brainwashed by slave owners who preached to them that god himself said it’s right to own and punish it’s programmed in there family genetics over hundreds of years to believe something that slave owners forced them to believe in

Will Stanbridge

This has to be the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen… and I have seen some pretty stupid things

Tiberius Zebulon

I really hope this is not a true reflection of the baptist community.

John Munro

What….the …..fuck…..was….that?

Is that an actual TV show?

Wow… it’s like the Crosby show never happened.

Artavius Ed

This makes me sick


And no not all black people are this stupid or religious. I am a black atheist. and it is kinda hard to discuss these issues with other black people because they will never hear you. i went as far


this was the most senseless episode ever. But I guess as an atheist you need to be up front or resort to online dating to try to match with the right person


really ? are black people this stupid ?

Richard Aswad

This show should be called “The Niggas”.

Bruce Vayne


That’s how the Christian audience sees this.

I see it the same as, “How could you love anyone if you don’t love Allah!”

Bruce Vayne

What kind of show is this? “Hey everybody, let’s judge the guy” and then get a message about how he’s morally wrong.

WTF? Would the show have looked down on her boyfriend so badly if he said “I’m a Muslim”? “How can you love anybody if you can’t love gawd!!!!”

It makes me wanna puke.

JuJu Bean

He told this woman’s father within 10sec of meeting him but didn’t tell her he was an atheist during the manny months of dating. No one saw the slip in the plot? Wack!

kit phachit

Look at those two nigger lover!

Tim Howell

So this man has to explain to his girlfriend why he doesn’t believe in magic? It seems that this situation is backwards. She should be explaining to him why she believes in a god that said it was ok to enslave her race. Ignorance is the sad part of this video.


Yeah, we have to constantly justify things like evolution being taught in schools even though the US declared creationism illegal in the 1980s and was founded on seperation of church and state. Pretty sad right?

Irman Alyas

I feel really bad for the Atheists in the US, it is much easier here in Norway.


lmfao!! 4:42 i love the music

Ben Shannon

I know its bullshit but this looked like a real tv show

Black Atheists


Black Atheists

They hate what they don’t understand. Simple.


When i started watching this video i actually thought,”well this a sign that Christians would not abandon anyone if they turned out to be an atheist,i’m starting to like it”.At the end….really?So this is what happens when people found out somebody is really an atheist. Wow no wonder atheists say Christians are such dicks.


This is so fucking offensive.


which programme is this?


Clearly everyone knows you can’t have love for anyone or anything without Aphrodite in your life not this one you call “God”.

Ben Shannon

wtf was that?

God save us.


“How could you love anyone if you don’t love God?”

Dumbest… Question… Ever…

Matt Leonard

Check out Andre Oliver on FaceBook He is an inspiring young black atheist. He also produces the GenXeroFilms here on YouTube.

Matt Leonard

Then one little old lady asked if I would like some pie. I said, thank you ma’am, but I should go. She said “Then I’ll go with you, out to my car to get those pies”, which we did. When we got back with the pies and set them on the table, several of the women walked up and hugged me, several men shook my hand. We ate delicious pie and had some laughs. I got a few ‘You Need Jesus’ comments to which I replied, maybe so. I made a few friends that day whom I saw occasionally in… Read more »

Matt Leonard

I thanked them for the food and hospitality and began to walk away. It was then that the man who earlier had started talking with me spoke up angrily, though not at me. He admonished his friends and neighbors for their prejudice. He spoke of how a minute ago I was a fine young man, but now, since I had different beliefs they were about to shun me. He said I had done nothing to harm them and they should be ashamed to have turned their backs like I was a criminal. Some just shook their heads.


“If you’re a black christian, you have a real short memory”
-Chris Rock.

Matt Leonard

I was strolling through a small town in Missouri one Sunday, puffin’ on a doobie, when I heard music. The source was a Southern Baptist Church. I went the open door and stood just inside, I was the only white boy there. I listened as folks sang their hearts out. At the end, everyone went outside. One man began a conversation with me. Soon I was invited to a BBQ behind their church. Great food, great people, good times, until someone asked about my beliefs, I answered and everyone just stared.

Matt Leonard

It amazes me that African-Americans, most the descendants of people who were enslaved by Europeans using the Christian Bible as justification for their atrocities, would ever join the religion which helped to murder so many of their people. To get on their knees and worship the white Jesus like so many beaten field slaves is beyond reason. Believe what you wish, it is your right, but don’t lay your Christian bigotry upon those who do not agree with your unsubstantiated, illogical claims.


“How could you love anyone if you don’t love God?”
Leave her. Fuckin’… let her be. She isn’t worth it. Anyone who has that kind of narrow thinking is not worth your time.

Ozamataz Buckshank

This actually happens though. Like people here the word “atheist” and it’s like the worst possible thing you could ever say to most believers.


“If anatheist would date my daughter i would break his neck and pride”

hmm, not a very christian thing to say,

i just dont understand the issue, my girlfriend is a christian and i am not, i’m an atheist and the topic has never been an issue.. we love each other and thats all that matters. when will christians embrace there own teachings and love everyone no matter what not all, but most christians are hypocrites and are so judgmental which is so against what they are taught in church everyday

Kevin Cortes

I try not to get angry but I live in America and I can all too well see this happening to me.

Charles Barrows

atheist people are smarter and more comprehensive,just look at the stupid christian family and the atheist guy,WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!


Christians they make me wana puuke hypocrites wuaakkk