A couple of idiot street preachers get their due… – VIDEO


Watch how proud these preachers are to get arrested for being obnoxious street trolls

Two street preachers who got in people’s faces and tried to instigate fights with Springfield, Tennessee’s “Taste of Country” festival goers were arrested Saturday, the Tennessean reports. Police arrested John Laymond Davis, 49, of North Carolina and John McGlone, 54, of Kent…



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I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing two people knocked out in person in my 39 years, an ignorant racist & an obnoxious street preacher, I relished in both.

Omg i want to smack that kid but then i see all those shirts and i remember that they use domestic violence to brain wash his brain. Jesus camp.

At least they haven’t got guns……Have they?

these fucks are going to claim christian persecution while forgetting they did this to themselves… fucking idiots.