Best nickname for Liar Asshole Cheney yet… “America’s Tragedy Herpe” – VIDEO


Jon Stewart lambasted former Vice President Dick Cheney, one of the chief architects of the Iraq clusterf*ck, for his criticism of President Obama’s handling of Iraq on Monday night’s edition of The Daily Show.

Hilariously calling Cheney “America’s Tragedy Herpe”, Stewart took him to task for blaming President Obama for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, even though it was Bush and Cheney who had signed off on it in the first place. Stewart played a clip of Cheney boasting over the troops removal, in which Cheney called the removal a sign of significant success in Iraq “by anyone’s standards.”

Stewart also slammed Cheney for acting like America was “20 seconds away from total victory in Iraq” before President Obama “just gives it away at midfield or something.”

Then Stewart ran a clip of Fox News host Megyn Kelly criticizing Cheney and pointing out to him all the things he said about Iraq that turned out to be wrong, which not only shocked Stewart, but the rest of the nation as well. This is FOX NEWS, after all…

Stewart, after recovering from his shock, added this knockout punch:

“I guess now Dick Cheney knows what it feels like when someone he considers a friend shoots you in the face,” a reference to the time Cheney accidentally shot his hunting buddy Harry Whittington.

There is plenty more to see from the latest episode of The Daily Show.

Watch it below!



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