Paul Ryan gets bitchslapped with facts on Face The Nation… – VIDEO


WATCH: Paul Ryan Gets Slapped In The Face With A Huge Dose Of Reality About Obamacare (VIDEO)

Last week, Republicans in Congress decided to once again waste everyone’s time and tax dollars trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They know that there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that President Obama was going to approve any of their attempts to repeal the law. However, they continued the ritual of passing doomed legislation anyway, only to have it vetoed by President Obama on Friday.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan discussed the Republicans’ atest attempt to repeal the ACA on Sunday during an interview on Face the Nation. During the interview, the show’s host John Dickerson grilled Ryan on the Party’s lack of a viable option to the ACA.

“You said that you wanted the Republicans to offer an alternative to the president. One of the first things you did this year, though, was offer that repeal,” Dickerson reminded Ryan. “How is than an alternative?” Dickerson asked.

“It’s not,” Ryan responded. “It’s why we have to come up with an alternative. So, you’re right about that one.”

“Will you?” Dickerson asked, skeptically.

“Absolutely,” Ryan stated, earnestly. “My goal — I don’t know how far it will go given we have a filibuster and a guy named Obama who’s not going to replace Obamacare — but my goal is that, we as Republicans, if we don’t like these laws, don’t like the direction the country is going, I think we have to be more than just an opposition party.”

It should be noted that during the rest of the 10-minute interview, Ryan names a plethora of problems in the United States, yet doesn’t offer anything resembling any actual solutions to those problems.

“We have to be a proposition party,” went on to say. “So, if we don’t like this, we’ve got to show how we would do things differently. And we really think Obamacare is failing, whether it’s premiums, restricted access, high deductibles, families losing the insurance they wanted to keep. People are hurting and we need to offer a solution. So, yes, on this and many other issues, we need to offer alternatives. And that’s exactly what I intend on having us do.”

Which is exactly what every Republican has said since the ACA became law. They have absolutely nothing to offer the American people to replace the ACA with. The only viable place for healthcare to move forward in the United States at this point, is to create a single payer system. And of course, the Republican Party isn’t going to propose that any time too soon.

You can watch the full interview below.


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