Do you think Obama knows just how much he’s trolling the GOP with his Cuba visit? – VIDEO


WATCH: President Obama Just Landed In Cuba And The GOP Is Going Crazy

President Obama, accompanied by First Lady Michelle along with his two daughters, just landed in Cuba and he is looking to thaw political differences between the two countries that has spanned decades. Obama, who has made reaching out to Cuba one of the main objectives of his presidency, earned the ire of the Republican party which has preferred divisive politics rather than open dialogue and understanding between the two countries. Florida senator and former presidential candidate Marco Rubio was upset after Obama had announced the visit. He said:

“Rather than achieving several long-standing U.S. goals and national security interests, you have methodically squandered this opportunity, legitimizing the Castro regime and enriching it in the process. A presidential visit to Cuba absent of any concessions from its government is a dangerous idea, and I urge you to reconsider.”

With that lack of innovative thinking, one can see why Rubio was trounced in his home state of Florida by Donald Trump. Then there’s Ted Cruz, whose father is a Cuban American. The creepy Cruz also disagreed to the visit. He said:

“He has alienated and abandoned our friends and allies. You know, one of the first things he did when he became president was send the bust of Winston Churchill back to the United Kingdom. That was shameful.”

Despite Republican resistance, the president and dozens of U.S. lawmakers and business leaders joined him in Cuba for the visit. Air Force One touched down at Havana’s airport on Sunday after a three-hour flight from Washington. While deep differences persist, Obama’s approach in thinking outside of the box on Cuba will bring fruitful economic and political ties for both countries in the future.

Instead of embracing the president’s ingenuity, the Republicans will always be Republicans.

Here’s the video:

 Featured image via video screenshot.



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Of course he does

Absolutely, and he is enjoying every second. Not only that, but he is being the true diplomat that he is and handling Castro like a pro.