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Ian Carney

Ian, blasphemin’ in Mexic,o…


This blog started out to be my own little personal dumping ground for my musings, scrawlings and other useless matter. It’s served its purpose, and allowed me to have a nice little refuge for my deranged thoughts and blasphemous rantings. Now, it feels like it’s time to grow. To reach that next rung on whatever pointless ladder to nowhere I’m on. Therefore, after a good year and a half in existence, I’ve decided to take things up a notch around here.

Over the next few weeks or months, depending on how lazy I am, my beloved cesspool of cerebral and visual dreck shall evolve. It shall evolve into… well… a cesspool that will involve the cerebral evacuations of others. My futile hope is to build a more solid following of people who will pity, patronize, and give us needed validation. Maybe, just maybe, we can even make a few shillings for our otherwise thankless efforts.

Enter Ian Carney. I’ve known Ian for about 4 years now. He came aboard my old boat Andiamo in Cartagena, as a gullible backpacker. Who, along with his then-gf, fell for my desperate sales pitch to get him aboard for a trip to Panama for a highly-inflated price. He obviously survived, however barely, and we’ve stayed in touch via the digital domain ever since.

Over the years, though we had yet to meet up again in the real world, we developed a strange virtual-world kinship. We discovered our warped worldviews were somewhat similar and equally dangerous. Which, I suppose, was rare for both of us. When I decided to try to get some extra hands aboard, for the concept of making Holes more of a “friendly” midden of demagoguery, I thought of none other than Ian. Luckily for me, when I approached him with my ridiculous idea, he was holed up in a hospital room in Ireland, nursing a recent ankle surgery. Thanks to his heavy vicodin dosage, I managed to talk him into this ridiculous venture. I can only hope that he got a long-running prescription, and the daze holds up.

So welcome aboard Ian. Let’s see if we can make this a more fun and happy place. Or not… whatever…




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